A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


This is still the best thread title.


Don’t get in the way of Yaco telling us all how it should be.


Is Dwayne really gone? Great news if that’s s is the case. Worst caller in the game.


I’m pretty determined to get a better grip on life starting today. I’d like to be one of those people with such a good grip on life that they choke it out on everyones behalf.


You got it wrong again - I am not the one pointing out/or bleating about the so-called lack of Ex Essendon players in the media - It is what it is - And it has no effect on the success of the club - Some like to whinge.


Considering what’s happened to Lloyd, I prefer it that way.


A “Simpsons” hand would do; even then, I’d still have a couple of spare fingers.




Pedro loves listening to Tim.


It’s a fish eat fish world.


That’s why I worry about our former #3.


Maybe we are witnessing the rise of Hutchy to position of dominant footy media mogul in this town? Its out of Hutchy and Eddie.
If it is Hutchy, should we be worried?


Particular, not croc media personal. Might be the wrong spelling but got the name right!

An absolute crock.


Team Hutchy has picked up a new player in the free agency period. Richard Simkiss, ex AFL player, delisted for infractions in the office has been given a lifeline by Hutchys Crocmedia.


No influence at play there.
What’s Gil’s next master plan, Simon Lethlean in charge of the WVFL?


Its an easy read isn’t it? Who would have thunk it? Hutchy Crocmedia - home for crocks.


I am certain Simkiss is qualified for this position. Why worry about something unimportant.


No yaco i am not worried about it at all. Its interesting that the star of Hutchy is on the rise, while Eddie has thrown his lot in with TFS and as a result, imo, Hutchy may well surpass Eddie as the top AFL media mogul, and thus become the most powerful person in Footy outside the AFL itself.


They could fight it out having a Chin-off!


Looks like SEN flicked Ox and Mark Allen after their last show for the year tonight