A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Oh well. Listening to Fark Carlton dweebs having a massive rant/winge to Finey after a loss was one of the finer pleasures in life… (particularly in the Malthouse era).


They will still rant and whinge regardless of the presenter.


True. But Finey yelled at them. I like yelling


Huchie doesn’t want anyone who competes with his ego… Didn’t agree with some of Finey but God he was entertaining.Especially when with Steven J Peake… Doubt I’ll listen to C.H and his a…licking mates.


Didn’t mind Finey but that show with Stephen J Peake was awful. Would take him 15 minutes to read out the ■■■■■■■ weather after the news break.

Not sure replacing intolerable fools with more intolerable fools is the way to go. Poop McClure, really?


Unfortunately, the list to choose from, is endless!!
A smorgasbord of faarkwits.


Nah - Hard Tag is the best!


Didn’t often agree with Fine’s POV. However, he was delightfully off-piste, untethered and borderline unhinged at times. Which, compared to the AFL endorsed stooges, dullards and kissarses around him was refreshing.
Absolutely no reason to listen now. None at all… Particularly since it now has that fat c**t running the whole shebang…


Sun saying Rodney Hogg now pushed out of SEN.

Craig “Chainsaw” Hutchinson, carves a swathe through the stations lineup.


SEN was in the toilet ratings wise right? It shouldn’t be any surprise.


Hogg was funny to listen too simply because he was such an rambling scatter brain with kooky ideas. I’m surprised he has been “sacked” because surely he wasn’t paid for his contribution.


Based on their audience share, every single SEN listener seems to frequent this thread.


It all went to ■■■■■ when Andy from Pakenham passed on…“you know what I’m sayin?”


There was a Jason from somewhere in the eastern suburbs who followed the Eagles about the time I gave up on them.

The batting order didn’t get down to 11.


He’s now Jason from Mooroolbark. Started ringing in again in the dying days of the Mark/Ox show. Slightly uncomfortable listening… No more so than listening to inebriated callers from Pakenham et al.


Do you reckon they get paid to ring in?


The boy from Camperdown!!!

Yes I’ve watched the 2000 GF replay too many times


As mentioned, the Collingwood meltdown after losing on a Friday night was must listen radio but I lost respect for Fine due to his support of the greyhound racing business after the live baiting scandal broke 18 months or so ago. I understand he has links with horse racing and naturally he would be influenced by that but it was ill timed and misplaced. Those scoundrels who did that deserved condemnation but got none of that from Fine.


Fine was a part time caller of the greyhounds.


Nah, just a $100 gift voucher from “Get Wines Direct”.