A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Ergh… just found out that the Leech is back on 774.


I can’t stand KB, but the move to have him on the afternoon show will be a monumental ballzup.

It is terrible to listen to.


just stopped by to admire the thread title

5 star


i can’t stand that sanctimonious prick. stop stinking up the abc you jerk!


Yeah it was pretty average from what I heard yesterday. I guess production at work will go up after 3pm.


I doubt I will listen to that again, KB needs to retire and Dr. Turf. ■■■. Can anyone recommend an alternative decent drive time radio ?


Free Spotify


Leech is better suited to the ABC.


There have been some murmurs of criticism in media circles of Hutchy for having an all male line up on SEN. So he appoints a female commentator, Daisy Pearce. However, the net change at Fort Hutchy is 0, as the female GM is marched out the door. Smells a bit like a boys club with token female at SEN.


G Whateley has got R Federer on right now.


underwear change required, diggers?


It was a very pleasant surprise.


There is no way KB would have got that interview. The Whateley addition looks to have paid off on the 1st day.


No one was listening anyways. If a tree falls…


Malthouse is looking for another special comments gig. The 2018 SEN axings are gaining the dimensions of one of Stalins purges.


Oh, I’m sure there’s several more of Fat Hutchy’s mates who haven’t been looked after yet…


I knew Hutchy was an operator when he managed to find space in his pocket to kick this.
Seems as though his pockets will be full now that he has kicked out a few of his team at SEN and paid himself with the savings.


Can’t stand Hutch but that was some goal. I think Rolo has also posted it on xvideos


Instead of Federer, KB would probably be chatting with Greg “Venom” Denham about the merits of the Dogs having recruited Tom Boyd.


The guy on the mark half lost his strides. Ripping goal.