A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Free-range Brian is usually better than the game itself.


Whateley (calling)

Literally everyone else


He’s got cancer so probably not that far


Sorry Bruce.
Best wishes.


This cannot be stressed enough.


Can’t be specific- don’t mind his free roaming in the rooms. There is a 42 seconds YouTube clip of him calling Oraaaazzziooo!


I find I get a better understanding about what’s happening from an opposition standpoint, as I can’t as easily pick out their players by sight alone.

Helps work out what’s happening in close when play is at the opposite end of the field if sitting ground level.


Nice how they play the tv coverage out of synch with the radio. It means they know they have to protect their protected species.


I thought it was the delay with digital signal?


Many ways around it.

You never have to listen to TV comm if you don’t want to.


It would be great if each club were able to provide their own broadcast of the game via radio like they do in the States that we could then tune into. Would be good to hear the game from an slightly Essendon point of view, or be able to tune in to the oppositions teams call such as a Collingwood and hear the meltdown during the game.


I have tried to give Whately a go. Nup. Sure he interviews the top people, but he just continually fishes for accolades bout the best in the world in each sport. FCS. There are about 64 Australian tennis players ranked from Krygios at 14 down to Vuradin at 1954. All he wants to talk about is Federer. Its not news. Federer has been at the top for about 15 years.

Whately is coming across as a sports champion sycophant. Its a turn off, and I am turning off.


If you can watch it through foxtel you can pause it until it syncs up


You don’t think Federer is newsworthy right after winning a grand slam? His 20th? The only man ever to have a 2 in front of his grand slam titles? Come on


No, Federer is great. I have not problem with his greatness. I know all about him. I have been following him for 15 years. The unexpected is more interesting tbh.


It’s a nightmare to do it that way I reckon.


What even is your point c64? he should interview federer about no named australians?


I’m pretty sure he’s saying Whateley should Interview some of the no-name Aussies who didn’t qualify for any tournaments this summer and are unlikely to ever make it.
That will really bring in the rating


But how many rating will Twateley bring?


I have more problem with his editorial opening and the opening music (snippet of “Your the voice”) and the “This is Whateley”. Both cringey and pretentious.