A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


farkin one car



He doesn’t like Roger Federer. GET HIM!


Audibly lol’ed just then.


You got it wrong. I dont like Whately. I have listened to him and his whole manner annoys me. I dont listen to him anymore. Federer himself is tennis phenomenon. He even cut back the number of tournaments he plays at, so some of the other players could make a living out of tennis. :grinning:


Who tf is Leonard?

I’m not a big Hudson fan - he’s a bit annoying IMO but he definitely “goes the right way about it” (I mean that in the literal sense not a mindless nothing statement in the L Darcy vein). Similar to Basil (basil is a lot worse) in as much that Basil is terrible but is at least trying to call a game - he doesn’t turn it into a circus.

Also Brenton Speed that did our game v Gold Coast that time - love him. A bit boring but I’d take 10% dullness over 200% hair pulling-ness a la BT or Darcy.

Richo beats all (not play by play obviously.


Anyone hear Whateley call the Super Bowl?


Jason Bennett is another good one


Bennett is the best. But he was in SMJ’s original post which is why I didn’t mention him.

Blitzers may hate this but I actually reckon Campbell Brown as a colour commentator does a sensational job in the VFL and would love to see him in the AFL. He’s in the Richo mould.


I agree with all of that in fact the team of Bennett and Brown could easily replace some of the numpties we get on AFL broadcasts. Brown is quite a good analyst and gives solid and useful commentary.


What’s a colour commentator?


Surnames a colour


I’m not particularly a Whately fan and have next to no interest in the NFL and listened to bits of the call during the day and it was excellent. His knowledge and ability to call a foreign game was very impressive.


Leonard - Tony Leonard was a member of the classic Coodabeen Champions line up ( Leonard, Whelan, Richo, Cover ) & calls on 3AW.
He’s just everyday guy but has an excellent sense of humour & a genuine passion for footy.


Expert commentator?


Or is brown a shade? Or a stain?


Ah fair enough, didn’t realise it was an autocorrect. Thought it was a new term I missed


I actually think the biggest problem isn’t the commentators but the producers/directors

The VFL (and ABC for that matter) get the (and there is only one) commentator to call the game and the special comments person to offer insights into tactics or matchups or stuff like that.
All the commercial prime time networks have 823 commentators and 734 special comments people and also 91 hosts and all they do is talk to each other about each other.
The sideshow becomes the main attraction.

I’d almost guarantee if you put Leonard or jason bennett onto the main channel 7 or MMM broadcasts they’d get ■■■■■■■ up within a year. Same thing happens with most of the ex players, they do a couple of guest spots fresh out of the game and offer useful insights, then eventually they get into the swing of wanking each other off and become as useless as anyone else.


I don’t like him in the slightest and will not listen to his show, but that was very very impressive.


KB and Dr Turf have turned prime time run home radio into the Grandpa hour. Most of their demographic will already be in bed when their show is on.