A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


A racist.


Just on that about the producers/directors being at fault. Gotta agree that there’s a lot more to it than just the commentators.

Not sure if you’ve seen this from a month back, but this is a pretty good insight in to problem’s with ABC Grandstand’s cricket broadcasting but does highlight the off camera/microphone work that needs to go in to creating good commentary.


post of the thread, early contender for post of the year.

i have never really though about it until you posted that. But you are bang on the money.

Cameron Ling was the first ex player to come to mind when i read the bold bit.

Every commentator seems to have some kind of gimmick or have to be larger than life.

If there was a way to mute the commentary and just play the crowd noise in the background i dare say 80% of people would take that option


Or you could just go to the game.

Then all you have to contend with is ‘■■■■■■ stanton’ and ‘just ■■■■■■ kick it’ types.


Sit next to me and you can get all of that in one


colour commentator is a real thing


Thought I’d listen to SEN on the way home from work tonight. It went something like this.

  • Jumped in car and turned on radio
  • Heard the last 15 seconds of Terry Wallace talking about something
  • An advert
  • An advert
  • An advert
  • A 2 minute promo wank fest promo about Waheteley’s NFL call
  • An advert
  • Traffic report
  • An advert
  • a rushed 20-30 seconds of Wallace talking about Hawthorn.
  • News bulletin starts
  • 15 seconds later I pulled up in my driveway

45 seconds of sports talk. 14 minutes 15 seconds of crap


It’s not all bad, at least Terry Wallace’s voice is easy on the ears





Has even gotten worse with the new management.
Bartletts segment is frightfully bad.


David Schwarz and Mark Allen suing SEN.

Schwarz about $500,000
Allen about $400,000




Listen to the podcasts. Find a show you like. Press play. One ad at the start. No more ads. Or do the same on ran and listen to Daniel Harford with no ads.


Gee I never picked them as sore losers :roll_eyes: way to ensure you never get another job boys.


At least the second time Hutchy’s been sued by employees. He’s a grub, wouldn’t surprise me if he’d tried to stiff people.


Loving it ! This is Karma to me for that Faarcking radio station and bunch of AFL coksukers that towed the AFL company line during the Saga. The Shithouse Entertainment Network deserves all the Sshit it gets, - I hope it goes under.
Why I listened to that Faarking station is my fault, and I’ll never know truly why. Maybe it was a faint hope that some khunt in that organisation might tell the truth of how the AFL manipulated the saga and it got out of control. Alas it was not to be 4 years of pain and misery listening to the tripe has made me sour and bitter. I will never forgive and I will never forget FAARK them all hope they go under, hope the doughnut eating new CEO wastes a sshitload of money.


Don’t beat yourself up about it, I am sour and bitter too re the saga, and I have never listened to that station. :slight_smile:


So…roughly $210,000 for 21 hours work a week.


Of course he’s a grub. Have a look at the company he keeps (Pickering, Kelly et al) - shady operators one and all.

Anyone even loosely at the executive level of the AFL and its myriad adjuncts- including a fringe-dweller like Hutchison - is as crooked as a Bali wristwatch…


Wait… how does Kevin Bartlett still have a job?

Consistently has the lowest ratings.
Only talks about 1 football club.
Sh*t live commentator.