A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


If there is one thing this whole Barry Hall fiasco has taught me, is Blitz needs the Hot Chick thread back.


Catch up, it’s the Hottest Indian thread now


Enough said. Bloke clearly missed out without a father figure.


One father figure? He’s got 4!!


Hutchy’s take over of the AFL can’t be far away. They have announced The AFL Record is now owned by Crocmedia. No doubt a very thorough process was conducted. Also have my suspicions about senior execs at the AFL having shares in Crocmedia, allowing them to extract value out of a not for profit organisation.


Next weeks Record front page - Old Mate Picks


Does anyone here still buy the footy record? I haven’t bought one since 2001 I reckon.

Surprised it was valued at $8.1 million.


Agreed. Hence the shareholding theory.


I think you may be onto something.

Also how many kids do they have outside the games selling records. That is a heap of staff. Plus there is no way they ever sell out of records and it can’t be cheap to print in all colour.

Was anyone here a kid that sold records. Were you paid by the hour our commission?


Seems to be Crocmedia’s strategy, bundle up the worst/cheapest/useless sports assets available.


Are you saying they’re going to buy up Farkcarlton?


Did you and Hutch break up? Hugz


I love the Record and lament the passing of our version, The Football Budget.


Crocmedia also purchased 25% of Melbourne United. Where does all the money come from?


And the directors/shareholders in Crocmedia are?


I’m happy to run the theory that it’s coming from the AFL. It’s Gil and his mates syphoning off the game’s cash.

But in seriousness a lot of his deals are for shares. Also The Record purchase included a big chunk of free advertising meaning they aren’t really paying the stated amount.


Sen had a footy print vehicle they closed down after hutchy took over. I am not sure if all the staff of that paper are gone, but ability to sell at games with the afls blessing is much better for sen


And Crocmedia is the masterrights holder of the AFL digital rights.
According to Media reports Pacific Star has 100% equity in Croc. Major Pafific Star shareholders are:

  • Hutchison 24.4%
  • Viburnum Funds 23.1%
  • Rothfield family 4.7%
  • Fairfax 3.9%

Some hefty Croc salaries: Hutchison $945 k; Simkiss $390k; Cleary $410k


Lolz that must be how Dr Turf gets a gig.


Is that Mitch Cleary’s wage? Ironically now working for AFL website.

Also isn’t it lovely to know Simkiss literally ■■■■■ up at the AFL and walks into a job with Hutchinson. I wonder if any journo would be willing to run a story on all these relationships and how it’s a little smelly.