A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Think it’s Tim Cleary, who used to work for Nine.


KB said as much recently during their show. I had no idea what it meant but it makes sense.


The Pacific Star takeover was a stock only deal, as reported to ASIX. Maybe the footy record takeover will be revealed through ASIX. It sure helps when the seller is a not-for-profit without shareholders.



AFL have discussed the purchase details:

The $8.1 million purchase price includes $5.85m cash and $2.25m prepaid advertising to be retained by the AFL.


Thanks. Do you know the siginifance of the pre-paid advertising to be retained by the AFL and the agreement including the licensing of AFL trademarks?


My only guess is its a contra deal that the AFL doesn’t have to pay for ads in the Record for the next few years.


Surely they don’t anyway. They would wrap it up as part of the licensing deal.


Who owns Virburnam Funds? That seems the most likely candidate to check for AFL employed benefiting.

AFL execs have been lining their pockets through deals with spotless for decades. This would just be another avenue.


I think it’s seriously worth checking out.


Not so sure there is a direct AFL connection. Reportedly Viburnum, a Perth registered company investment body, is majority owned by its executives ( Craig Coleman has a 24% share) and its employees.
Its parent company is the Wyllie Group, another Perth company founded by Bill Wyllie , which appears to be a family run empire.
IIRC there is an ASIC/ASIX or State based company register which lists main shareholders of public companies.


Yeah they would, apart from the fact they literally all work for Hutchy now


Probably not them then.


The Pacific Star takeover of Croc got a bit of scrutiny in the media. The journos obviously follow such deals and report on the savoury bits. The Crocmedia salaries were highlighted, after they were posted on the ASIX site in a detailed Crocmedia submission. ASIX subsequently pulled the salaries from its site, but the journos had a field day in reporting them.


It wouldn’t be a footy journo. Someone from Sydney working for the AFR would lap it up if there is anything untoward going on.


Without a copy of The Record, I have no idea who is playing.


The guy annoying you in #10 tonight will be Francis.

You’re welcome.


So I don’t need a Record?


If they are any good, BT will give them an annoying nick name. If BT hasn’t done that they aren’t really worth knowing.


Does anyone know or can confirm if the name ‘Croc’ Media is just a merging of CRaig and dOC?