A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Can’t confirm it but it would make sense.


I thought it was just an abbreviation of Croc’ Of Shitte Media??


I allways imagined Hutchins rocking the crocks and socks combo.


Saw him doing a promo for Footy Confidential recently. If you don’t hear much from ‘Pickers’ in the near future it’s probably because Hutch has eaten him.


I listen to SEN sometimes on the drive home, jeez its a wonder Rothfield is still on the afternoon program. Its pretty clear Bartlett drives him nuts with his overt pro Richmond anti Melbourne drivel .


I enjoy their banter for the whole five minutes that I’m in the car driving home.


I reckon a few large big mac combos are more his go.


Partial to the all you can eat yum cha at Red Emperor too.


Wooshfold is on SEN now. NOW.



what about when he put a teammate in a rubbish bin?


image https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/yS1_DiwxgLawso7z6h-zfJElsoaIKX4ieuXm2HSO2jIFGZGMYxwvzaNVnRkKYjqKkOcjlhmmU0dT=w320-h180-nc


Hawthorn fans have edited Lloyd’s wiki to make it look like he was scared to play again after that hit.
And you know, fine, whatever.
But the thing is…he played the rest of the actual game.
And let’s not forget that this was the fearsome retribution meted out at the time.

I don’t think he’d have been too bothered about coming back and facing that.


I think (very recently but a few times before that too) Lloyd had publicly stated he was scared for his safety, both on the ground and leaving the ground.

It was a great hit though and agree Brown is a puuuuuussy


He really was a very good footballer.


Getting better by the day


he very well could of been, but he still put his head over the ball for the rest of the game. That’s courage

Still the biggest hit i have seen live at a game. Legit thought he might of killed him. If you ever watch a replay, watch straight after the hit- Sam Mitchell is standing right next to Lloyd but doesn’t absolutely nothing until Lloyd shoves him and Hawks starting coming for him. Such a ladyboy


Well , to be fair, that little selfish farktard, would know that none of his team mates would give two ■■■■■ if he was dumped on his ■■■■


After seeing Brown gives Gus’s arms a right slapping, he might have worried that Brown would bytchslap him all the way off the field.


Myth ? Robbo is a smart guy who might have the odd tipple.

Robbo gave his user names and all his banking passwords to some dude who rang him claiming to be from his bank.

Warning: Do not do this at home. Ever.