A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


No he said black.


Bloke for mine.


No he didn’t, he said bloke, stumbled and said boy.


Why would he say bloke boy? Is that a term? I’ve never heard it.

I have heard the other term, however.

Also the ‘stumble’ doesn’t come until after he’s said the word boy (watch is again) so he wasn’t trying to change bloke to boy. He stumbles after he says the words black boy and he realises what’s just come out of his mouth.


It looks to me like he stumbles between the use of two words. I don’t think he meant to put the two together.


there was no real stumble though… he just said black boy named Rioli…


There was a stumble only after he says the first two words.


Maybe because he realises he mangled it? Maybe he didn’t ‘literally’ stumble in between the two words but in a metaphoric sense it seems plausible to my ears. We all hear things differently and I clearly hear the word ‘bloke’ which is why I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one. Don’t think there’s enough evidence to call him out this time.


I kind of thought bloke but after the 5th close up it’s definitely black.
Turd Ferguson


He repeats the word by. The first “by” comes out super Aussie like Russel Coight so he repeats it.
Nothing more to it.


The daft racist.


People are just defending him because it’s so out of character for him to say something racist on camera or behind a microphone.



Look I heard black, but maybe it wasn’t. Who knows.

What I’m more disgusted about is that there are so so many Blitzers willing to passionately defend Eddie farkin McGuire. I mean I would frame the guy for a murder if I had the opportunity


I hear black too.


And there’s the rub. :grinning:

And, btw, I’m not passionate about defending the Collingwood President because I have no doubt the guy is racist. There is enough ammunition there without having to invent it.


He’s not a racist, he just says racist things.


“I like the boy”


Bloke by the name Cyril Rioli, is what I guess was written.

He just faaaarked it up.


How do we know what was written?


Oh just my guess