A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


Bloke boy makes no sense and it doesn’t sound like he stumbled over his words - there’s no stuttering or hesitation.


Yes there is


Bloke it was to my ears


It’s hard to give him the benefit considering his track record


I hear “black boy by the name of Rioli”


I heard “wings” myself.


Problem is every time the frothing mouth brigade go after him for something like this dilutes the effect when he actually does say something wildly racist or inappropriate.

I hate the prick as much as the next person but this time he’s just stumbled on his words.

Won’t have to wait long, he’s overdue to let his real beliefs out again.


Ya takin the pizz here, … right?? :thinking:

Edit: OK,… seems you’re not, and others feel the same. Wow. He so clearly says black boy.


This should be a poll


I can’t stand that prick but he clearly says “bloke…boy”. His brain was trying to select one or the other.
Slam him on his genuine bullshit, not this.
The guy had probably been up since 3am doing breakfast radio, working on Pies finals stuck and then calling a game at night.
He’s a ■■■■ head of the highest order but he’s not stupid enough to want to say “black boy” in a live coverage


Pretty sure the dress is blue.


I heard Laurel


I thought he said “I’m a smarmy, arrogant fat wanker who can say and do anything cos I’m Floggingwood prez and have a high media profile”.

Then I turned the volume up and it sounded like he said"bloke".


Because people say "Bloke Boy " all the time.

I must have said it 7 times in the pub last night at least.




i heard a blue and black dress.


I think people are saying he said “bloke boy” as a slip of the tongue or stumbling his words, didn’t actually mean to say that.

Personally I heard black boy but maybe he didn’t.


I heard black, boy and booooo when Collingwood got a free




Hutchy is a Media Mogul Rising Star, but he has a lot to learn about gender imbalance on his star "stud"ded shows.