A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


If he really wanted to, I reckon there’s room for him to produce an online-based “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” or “The Trip” type show where he jumps in a car with someone interesting enough to pad out 30min (not necessarily footy related) and go for a drive somewhere. He had a real knack for getting good conversations out of people in those TFS segments in later years, and he wouldn’t dance around delicate questions.


You need a footy journo history lesson.
Let’s talk about early football shows, and the Footy Show under McGuire. When there was an offfield story, McGuire would break it, when there wasn’t one, he’d just get on with the show. Totally fair in my view.

Then Hutch was employed as the off field newsbreaker. And he was on every week. Which meant every week there needed to be a story. Sometimes there were legit stories, but when there weren’t any, he just had to make them up, or endlessly speculate.

Pretty soon every show and radio program has a dude like Hutchy who’s role is is to go to air with rumours and innuendo and made up garbage.

And now, that’s all there is, 24-7. Who would bother to study tactics and watch games and work on insightful analysis when you can simply add “it’s my understanding” or “what I’m hearing is” before literally anything and you can just make up the story?


Personally I’d rather Culbert ■■■■■■ himself with an extremely sharp object.


Thanks, no history lesson required.

I think you are wrong on a number of fronts and are generalising. Also, to say that ‘now that’s all there is 24/7’ and 'why study tactics and watch games and work on insightful analysis when you can simply add “it’s my understanding” is grossly overstating time given to this stuff by media. Perhaps you don’t watch or listen to much. Ralph does a short bit on Fox and Barrett on TFS. Fox has hours upon hours of analysis all day long on Sat and Sun by King, Roos, Brown, Johnson etc. SEN does it daily. It’s so overanalysed it gets boring. The ‘my sources’ journo stuff is so minor it’s almost non existent and certainly not 24/7.


Do you even know how advertising works on websites?


I don’t care if it’s sharp or blunt as long as the ■■■■ necks himself


I’d be keen to know, cause there’s a Womens wear company that’s constantly in my blitz feed.


He was just playing the devil’s advocate/ crusty old man angry at the status quo role, as he always does. Doubt he truly cares.


So both ends


That rich ■■■■■ can buy the favour of the plebs when they choose, after skirting the metaphorical and literal queue?


You might be right but I remember he marched with us before the Melbourne game in 2016.

Most celeb types ran 100 miles from us back then,


Reckon those moments were the only time he was real & honest on air and you saw a bit of the real person underneath.

Not just saga related either, the rare occasions when he was serious and actually spoke his own thoughts, he was actually pretty good.

I think there was also a genuine respect & care for Hirdy that went further back, way before all the parasites jumped on board with all the “we forgive you” and “he has suffered enough” crap.


His views on football are pretty accurate (game style etc) however that’s about it. Perhaps if they talked more about football?

Did I misunderstand something? Did he say that if the show doesn’t get renewed that he will retire from the show? Isn’t that how it works anyway? Or is the wording different?


Reckon he was trying to boost the ratings for next week’s show.


100% agree. Imagine Front Bar putting footy show on the GF show???


Footy Show having Living End on the GF show…they became lame a decade ago and yet they are regulars every year…


Wonder if they’ll have anything to say about GF banners


You should play one of their songs in the DJ thread.




Nup, would it help if I upgrade my Atari ?