A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


I reckon they were great early days, the eps and first two albums were solid af, pillars of my yuff


Yeah, their early stuff is really solid.

Chris Cheney is an incredible guitarist, I would love to see him in a band where he just plays lead.


They did well with the ‘Lay down your guns’ remake with Jimmy Barnes.


Should be in secret shame (that incredible thread created by an exceptional intellectual) but I don’t mind living end. They seem to cop a lot of $hit for some reason. They are almost viewed as the oz version of nickelback.


shirley not (maybe I’m too old)


Hutchy just gave away a great prize to a kid just then. Signed Collingwood jumper, limo to the game, seats for his family, a kick on the ground before the game and he gets to go through the banner with S Pendlebury.

That is one of the all time great prizes.


Was lovely, kids mum could hardly speak she was so excited for her boy.


Couldn’t imagine anything worse, tbh.




She couldn’t believe it.


I won a trip to the 2006 GF. Tickets, fancy accommodation and seats on a chartered flight in a mini jet thing.

That was ace.

Can’t tell you how deflated the radio dorks were when I told them 'well… I’m actually an Essendon supporter". They were genuinely disappointed. We were on tv and everything.


Reckon that’s when my Sydney love really took hold.


20 more seconds and Adam Goodes would have got them over the line.


They were pretty good with their original drummer.


Unused inner sanctum experience that no Collingwood fan was prepared to pay for ?


There’s a banner?




Hutchy went through the banner.
No more banner.


Between you and me kid, it’s the cheer squads fault


Lay off the kid. The banner disintegrated and so did his team. Not his fault.