A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


The only banner that would stand up that day would be Bruce, but then you’d still have get him angry.


What about Eric Banner?


Not sure, but Eric Bana might have done OK.


Same thing


Um … that’s the joke.com


And Eric bana played the hulk.
Or was that part of someone’s joke, because if not it’s a zinger and I’m claiming it.


Permanent Banas should be issued here.


Is there any danager there could be a footy show without a communications specialist on it. I don’t see what value they add in this day and age of social media. They bring NOTHING to the table.


Ok. I’ll Eric on the side of caution.


Now this is the Diggers I fell in love with


LEL! I imagine the cheersquad lady hugging Bucks, sobbing. “Please Nafan, make the bad man stop!”


The primary audience of those shows are not social media users


That may be true but the explayers on the shows are and they can read out the twitters rumors rather than these morons.


Saw someone saying that Footy Crappified is going to revert into a trade based show for a while, … :roll_eyes:


NRL Footy Show has been cancelled. For scheduling reasons alone that probably means you can expect the death of the AFL version to be announced shortly.


I ahhh… I may have watched it last night.



Oh, right, … ummm … R U OK? :smirk:

Seriously though, worth it? … same heads?


i watched it.

Highlights were

  1. Ratface breaks that St Kilda offering $8mil for 6 years to Shiel
  2. … Nothing else… Oh Kane Cornes had a 3d printed figure of Tom Lynch with a Tigers guernsey… it wasnt a great show.

Also was sponsored CARLTON ZERO - a non alcoholic beer… says it all really


So not just weak as pizz, … weak as alcohol free pizz??

Got it. Thanks.