A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


One has bubbles, the other does not,

Don’t ask me how I know that.


Plus if you’re drinking warm champagne, you’re doing it wrong.


Cold ■■■■ is also doing it wrong, FYI


Man he wants to be Eddie.


Hurchy’s empire continues to expand - SEN reruns to Adelaide. Certainly is tough doing business when the AFL hands you so many sweet deals.





Dr Spaceman?


Hutchy has built a network of outlets and Footy radio program content covering large parts of Australia. He now runs the Football Record contract and this will help fund a lot more content that he can leverage. Its very much a niche market, but one that targets the AFL fan, and as such makes sense for the AFL to work closely with Hutchy. He seems to be well ahead of Eddie now at least in the AFL space. But, if he falls foul of the AFL, it could all come tumbling down.



Built a network without dipping into his pocket. The deal to purchase the Record absolutely stinks. Where was the competitive bidding process? No one knew it was for sale until Hutchy announced he had purchased it. Very poor governance on the AFL’s behalf.

Crocmedia’s backdoor entry into broadcasting matches via regional networks was also smart given he would have paid little of anything before this morphed into the broader coverage he now provides. My concern is how close the relationship is with the AFL. Far to comfy by my way of looking at it.


Also, I thought the deal involved the right to use the AFL logo ( others pay licensing rights) plus a stream of revenue from AFL advertising.


Not sure anything is underhanded, he is buying up some pretty ordinary assets. I doubt too many people would want SEN or the Record.

He is smart in that the only way you can make all those assets profitable in today’s landscape is if they are networked. By bringing it all together he will do ok.


I would have thought The Record was money for jam.
Pretty decent truly active readership for advertisers.
Ten dollars per issue?
Similar readerships are free.


Money for jam if you have the people who can generate content. I assume just the record as stand alone would be quite expensive to produce.

I assume Hutchy with his other operations has a bigger pool of people and football people to generate the content cost effectively.


Mate, I could knock up an interview in two hours.
The AFL feed you a couple of press releases…

The only costs are going to be in the type-setting.

Edit: Alright, and printing and hawking.
But if you can’t get a subsidy for employing teens for a couple of hours a week…


His next deal will likely be to buy AFL Media for next to nothing. This gives the AFL a few extra bucks and gives Hutchy all the content providers he wants.

Gil’s post AFL career will no doubt be sitting on a board seat in Hutchy’s empire.


There is a reason the media orgs (see the age) has been sacking their journalist and in its place we get fantasy points, betting odds and trade news.

Good content is expensive.


“favourite food? favourite tv show?” Hutchy will go there!


Who cares about good content?
What are you going to do, write a letter to The Record?
It needs content.
And if that’s that player X likes lasagne, The Shawshank Redemption and Cold Chisel, then thank you very much!
The AFL is producing pics and text Anyway.

I would Love to have The Record.


Lol. Too quick for me.