A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie


So is SEN now on 1377 as well as 1116? Why?


I still do.


Looks more like a perm from here


These are all sweetheart deals between the AFL and snapping up poor assets to try and consolidate it into a viable enterprise. Given the concessions provided by the AFL you would think they would be tying that network to them ensuring it’s not just in house AFL media towing the AFL line, now it will be crocmedia as well.

They are essentially working to control all media content under AFL censorship.


They sometimes play something else on the other channel. For instance, they had racing on one channel and vfl finals coverage on another.


Some people like collecting antiques or old cars or retro clothing. Hutchy is that but with media.


Suprise suprise, if your dad makes six-figures acting like a goose on national television… you’re probably not going to grow up to be the most pleasant of individuals…


^^^ I’m no fan of James Brayshaw, but that’s rather a long bow to draw.


very blokey james brayshaw voice

pooohhh oohhh look at him go garry. he’s got on the mushies, assaulted a bloke, then been done by the constabulary. crisp work by young henry there. just your sort of average, gettin’ around the boys, hittin the magic mushies, mushies gaz?, late night operator.


Must say the last sentence was spot on!



“arrived uninvited to the bayside celebrations and refused to leave when repeatedly asked.”

Did he think it was a commentary team for prime time high rating sports?


Really? James Brayshaw is an absolute tool of a bloke. If he is, it’s not too much of a stretch to think his kids would be. Look at the photos of him, he looks like a flog and clearly behaves like one…


Yes James Brayshaw is an absolute flog. And it’s not only his TV persona. I have a family member who had many dealings with him on a professional level who is happy to verify that fact. But it does not automatically follow that his offspring should be the same. Possible, maybe even probable, but not necessarily.

I’ve known plenty of flogs who have very decent kids, and conversly many decent people whose kids are absolute flogs.


As the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Probably generalising but he’s got all the signs of a pampered private school kid from a wealthy family who’s probably never had to work hard for anything he’s got in life to date. His old man carries on like a goose and think’s he’s ■■■■ doesn’t stink and no surprise his offspring follow suit…


And the standard line is trotted out that he is now in a drug rehab program.


There are drug rehab programs and then there are really good drug rehab programs. Live in and stay in until you have physically been withdrawn and then the hard stuff begins the mental and emotional stuff. Hard to have lasting success without both parts of the treatment. Most people do about six weeks. Nowhere near enough.


This thread is getting too serious



My sons a stuck up little private school ■■■■ who needs the denzel equaliser treatment ho ho Caroline Wilson needs a bath she’s a ho ho ho


Sameolds2010 pls.


Warning: Serious Comments Ahead

I had a mate who’s personality changed irrecoverably after gorging himself on Balingup mushrooms back in the 90’s. Was never the same. Ultimately went all ‘Jules Whitfield’ and decided to just ‘walk the Earth’. We lost touch with him but about 3x years later read that he had been shot dead by the Kimberley police after ditching rocks at passing cars and producing a screw driver against the police who came to investigate.

To J Bradshaw’s kid and all other kids. Lay off the ‘shrooms.