A little crispy one Garry, a crispy chiko roll Hutchy and a crispy racist quip Eddie




Absolute tool.


If he manages to convey the fact he’s an arrogant piece of ■■■■ just via TV, imagine what he’s like in real life? He was a flog regarding the saga, and also I recall him making some pathetic comment about Harley Bennell after doing a news report on his coke using. Absolute ■■■■.



You remember that episode of South Park where bono is literally a peice of $hit.

I think of tony jones instead when I watch it. It’s a bit unfair on bono anyway.


I’ve had the displeasure of having to listen to him (for work) on the radio when he is filling in for Neil Mitchell.

He’s the worst. The absolute worst


Also this. Asians!


Pleas tell me theyre booting him off the sunday footy show. He is traumatizing


Saw nothing wrong with Chomper’s interview based on the footage I saw. Still a tool, though.


Except the complete and utter ignorance that an Asian person was in the women’s finals, and then describing something as a ‘mixed singles’. The dude was out of his depth. Should have just got the wheelchair dude to host the whole event, he’s not bad as a commentator and would love brought some passion and insight at least.


I only saw what’s in the link below.


When I first tuned into the first few nights I was wondering who 9 were going to put in the prime position anchoring the night telecast. Their big ratings hope, going all around the country for the first time.

I distinctly remember thinking surely they could do better than Tony farkin Jones?


Tony Jones knows absolutely fuckall about any sport other than footy, and even then he knows next to fuckall about that.

Is a fairly capable autocue reader though.


He exemplifies the class of mediocre, back-slappy, but out-of-touch wannabes who get almost every job in sports media in the country.


I love it when everyone on Blitz hates the same things


I saw Tony Jones one time when I took my son to see a doctor in Melbourne. He was walking towards us and I was very tempted to say something to him. (during early saga days)

Then I thought just keep walking, don’t say anything, don’t even look at at him coz it would probably hurt his feelings more that he wasn’t recognised. (dunno if true but in my mind that’s what I thought :slightly_smiling_face:).


Pure suction from The Herald Sun. IMO he needs to ditch the mullet and organise a fade so he looks less like a 1960s dinosaur.



Seriously, is he a homeless wino now?


He’s growing a lazy beard to hide the expanding neck/chins


Who puts a phone in the front pocket of a suit?