A little crispy one Garry - The footy media thread

A bit of dough in the back pocket can ease a lot of enmity.

Hutchy has brought some of the old SEN crew back. Think he realised he had cost himself lots of dollars by getting rid of Oz and Finey when he took over.

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Did I just here old Caroline just say there has been no Saturday arvo games this year start before 4.20pm ?

Hello ess v haw round 1 was a 1.45pm start wasn’t it

It’s about the 27th topic she’s got wrong on this show tonight.


Oh and hutchy since when has Orazio fantasia changed his name to Sam fantasia as you just called him

It gets better than just Essendon:

Round 1

Round 2

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Maybe she just meant Saturday arvo games that she was interested in.

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13:45 is a standard slot every (numbered) round (with two games at that time in Round 11, for some reason).

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Hawkins has torn the Bombers apart more times than I care to remember over his career…

But the media attention on that three seconds of holding a phone (weather radar on screen) during the lightning break yesterday, when the game was already effectively over, is next level over the top by a media industry that like to scrape the barrel each and every week to get ‘stories’. Beyond pathetic.


Lol you could Garry Lyon was desperate for us to lose Friday night. He already had his narrative of lack of polish and langers not giving the handball to Jakey, how it was a big ‘psychological moment’ of the game.

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So I get a random email….

Click on the King and Twatley headline - only to get this…

Good thing the internet protects me from ■■■■ that causes you harm!

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