A little crispy one Garry - The footy media thread

His phone number has been posted now. Not having a good day.

What the hell is this about?

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looks like the purge is on

Is that a thing on Twitter?

He took digital security advice from Jacob Weitering, didn’t he?


Looks like he has got control back over the account now.

“So Sarge, Tom Morris wants us to investigate his Twitter account being hacked”
“Tell him to ■■■■ off”


he call the cops on hims liquor license VMs getting leaked?

I like how he is trying to clean up his image of being an inner-eastern suburbs, spoilt, arrogant, self-important media celebrity. Appears on podcasts hosted by his media mates expressing remorse for his chauvinistic and revolting comments and how he has ‘changed’.

Luke Beveridge should’ve whacked the ■■■■ in the nose in that press conference a couple of years ago. Although find it a little hard to believe, what, a couple of weeks later all this dirt suddenly hits the press about what sort of person Tom Morris really is. Coincidence? Nah.

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Surely they would’ve posted anything remotely spicy

Tommy having a bad day

Hacked a second time

and then …

Hacked a third time and hacker deletes his account


What the hell is with Tim Watson’s glasses? Has he gone and joined Devo or something?


very good


lol, they are quite magnificent aren’t they!

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Take it to the " Reminders you’re getting old " thread.

Starting to think maybe this wasn’t a great idea…


AFL Media tip-toeing around this one so far

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Judging by the TV story, will just be a bit of a media hype up, reading between the lines the accused guy is not involved with the AFL in any way but is just a family member of some family members who are. So could just an unknown second cousin of somebody

Apparently there’s a suppression order in place so what can be reported is limited.

Maybe but must have some money behind him to hire a QC etc

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