A little crispy one Garry - The footy media thread

gutter trash segment by wilson saying Adam Simpson has broken his word by not playing a team of underperforming not-ready kids.

FFS she has no understanding of footy. players need to earn and keep their spots and they can develop in ways other than being smashed in the 1s by 100 points every week.

exhibit 1 - WCE getting smashed last season by 100 pts regularly.

it’s also laughable they classify a premiership coach as being a great tactical coach but he’s ‘not a development coach’. FFS, he has a coaching team. if the coaching team can’t successfully develop players they don’t win flags.

you could see lloydy shifting in his chair thinking this ■■■■■ has no idea.


Thanks for the advice but I’ll do what I want.

I wasn’t aware that people actually watched this garbage but each to their own


short bits come on my youtube feed and sometimes the traincrash that unfolds on screen is mesmerising

He can do well by being complicit to society standards and spending the rest of his life not being a piece of ■■■■ to the mother of his kids.

This absolute cockroach of a human being did ~12 months in the clink for his behaviour. Do you know how many instances of domestic violence it takes to get a ■■■■■■■ day in jail in this country?

It’s great that he’s healthy and currently not causing grief to his family. But swanning this ■■■■ around on the same channel that’s has the major AFL TV rights shows just how much the AFL genuinely care about being an advocate of change to domestic violence in this country. They don’t at all. It’s all bullshit “social license” perception to the fools.

If you think seeing this ■■■■ on TV isn’t seriously triggering to real victims of domestic violence then ■■■■ we have a long way to go as a society. Every second day in this joint it seems like some poor woman’s murdered and stuffed in a wheelie bin. The fear that his ex would deal with on the daily and the distain shed have seeing this ■■■■ on TV is so unfair


people are addicted to being mad


good luck with that. :laughing:

Isn’t part of the solution showing people that they can change their behaviour. If he’s taken all steps to rehabilitate, surely whilst you don’t celebrate him, he doesn’t need to forever be locked from public view.

Some people watch this, some people watch United, it’s much of a muchness.

I don’t understand what fuels his ego. He’s not smart, he’s not attractive, not a particularly good judge of footy matters, he’s not an elite athlete. What makes him think he’s so good. Baffles me.


Wait, how do you know me?

Oh, you’re talking about Sam McClure. Carry on.


How fkn dare you, why if I ever…

ehh, might be on to something here.

Except for Harley Reid. :slight_smile:


His big thing last night was that Collingwood were missing Mason Cox badly. And that nobody could have done what Cox did in last years final series.

Cornes was like he had 7 and 9 possessions. Pretty sure someone else could have done that.



legitimately thought cornes was gonna whack him

Scoop keeps having a dip at Kane and it’s hilarious when Kane fires back at him

Nepotism… Scoop got a job cause his old man was a big time newspaper journo. No other reason

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I genuinely think he was the kid in school that never made it in the cool group but he was king of his smaller posse of unpopular try-hards, always desperately trying to prove himself underneath.
He’s still trying.

Probably went to one of Melbourne’s elite private schools.

Xavier boy, nuff said