A song for Diggers

How creepy are the lyrics?

Q) Do you know why they don’t write songs like that anymore?

A) Because they’re no good.


And yet, ummmmmm…you brought it up, right?
You know I would never deliberately hurt an old friend. I wasn’t to know about the bad time in your past. It was just a bit of fun, mate. Sorry.

Also, I would like to tell you something about myself that you possibly already know anyway. :slight_smile: I don’t give a shyte about fitting in with the mob. “Ooowah that music is old, I can’t say I like that, people will say I’m not cool Ooowah.” I don’t give a shyte, mate. I have over 1300 songs on my playlist that range from Luciano Pavorotti Nessun Dorma at one end of the spectrum to Ram Jam Black Betty at the other end and a plethora of all sorts of music types in between (including Neil)!
As Shirley Bassey sang I am what I am.
I like what I like and I don’t give a shyte what the mob thinks.
Thought you knew that. :wink:

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I’m with you there (I also have Nessun Dorma on my play list) but N Sedaka is going way too far.

Curiously, what does Nessun Dorma mean?

Let no one sleep :slight_smile:


Hey Perce, good to see you too.
Here’s my point. On Bomberblitz if I said I liked boys instead of girls (which I don’t) no one would dare poke fun at me. But if I say I like Neil Sedaka I’m fair game. How is that consistent? :slight_smile:

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I’d like to get your old user name back and am thinking about starting a petition.

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The problem with petitions is that you may not get the desired response.

It’s a risk worth taking.

Did you forget to change usernames?


VD was long before your time BSD, long time reader or did you have a previous account? :thinking:

This. :+1: 17 (?) odd years now. God help me. :smile:

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I didn’t know you could change your username.

I thought @Mendozaaaa stripped you of it as an act of retribution.

It’s possible.

Safe bet he won’t be signing the petition.

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I’m OK with Vinnie D :slight_smile:

VD Sucks was one of the all time great nom-de-plumes. What other parts of your identity are you prepared to give up without challenge?

Well, to be honest, way way back in the beginning, a Blitzer (can’t remember who) said “Actually VD burns.” :rofl:
And, you know, he was right. And as I said in another post today “It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong.” So, I guess you could say that by staying Vinnie D I’m being true to my principles. :wink:

Bet that was Bomberman007. He was too polite to say ‘sucks’.

He’d be a qualified accountant by now. Based only upon my observations of him on this site, I get the feeling that he is perfectly suited to a life in accountancy.

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