A thread about rain and no other things




There’s a heavy drizzle of something in here.





Scientology is 100% the worst. Other religions are certainly bad, (especially when you consider the situation of women in Islamic countries), but FFS at least if you leave catholicism, they let you go.


Ahhh, … :sunglasses: thank faark, . some respite.


You know what that means?

Fricken pancake prices go UP!!!


Oh pissss off!


Ah Saturday, perfect day for footy at Windy Hill.


See you there.
Bringing the dogs for their first visit to Windy Hill.


■■■■, I pop into this thread to see why we have almost 500 posts about rain and this is where it’s at?

Discussing rape, pedo’s and Scientology?


Back on topic. Crank it up as Clapton’s guitar shreds your soul.


Wrong thread still. Shouldn’t you be posting this in the DJ King thread?


Friggin’ glorious day in Melbourne.


It is bloodee freezing !

Going down to -1 C overnight and it is about 6 C now, has not hot over 8 all day.


Lovely day here…sitting out the front to take advantage of the northern sun. A sweltering 11.6 after topping out at 12.3. Feels 5 or 6 degrees warmer.


Beautiful here. Just came in from having a vodka and raspberry tonic on the deck.
A lovely 16 today.


Sounds great Lloydy


“Rain and no other things”.


It is Robbo.