Abandon Ship!

First, M Parkes, then A MacTiernan and now G Gray. Labor only has three House of Reps seats in WA and all three sitting members are leaving. Labor has held Fremantle since the 1940’s, Perth since the 80’s and Brand since inception but fair to say Fremantle could go green and Perth could go either way. Brand should stay red. Haven’t heard much commentary about it but this is bad news for W Shorten and Labor more broadly. Lose two of the three current seats and they will be screwed in WA for a generation.

Who’s Brand again?

Who's Brand again?

Kim Beasley.

The problem Labor has in Perth is the control Barnett has over the state.

He’s actually a positive for Labor. M McGowan is the problem.

Parasitic operations within Brand, and a raft of multi phased benchmarking should harmonise the Western Australian budgetary interface with the on-going negative carry over situation.

Sounds like you’ve got an intermittent short circuit of the fundamental sophomoric orifice …