ACCC goes bang! Variable pricing in the gun


Big  Brother is watching over Gillon and the pricing of games right now. Whoever thought it was a great idea to have variable pricing of matches anyway should have been fired. Absolute disaster.

Call me lazy, but I'm not going to read this.

The ACCC does not go bang, it goes simper.

It goes: If only there were some way to do something about this then someone should definitely think about doing something about it.  Not us, though.  Obviously.

Paper tiger.

ACCC goes bang like they did on the petrol pricing scams, 3rd party forcing etc etc

The ACCC only go bang on small fries or clear cases that are documented and doesn't require much work, anything they have to investigate that is slightly murky and they end up doing nothing.


The ACCC shows as much spine as the Indian top order in an away series

Look out Gill. There is a sternly worded letter coming your way.

ACC to AFL - you have been a naughty boy cause you haven’t explain clearly how you are going to screw the mug punters of the game. Next time, tell them in no uncertain terms that you are going to screw them then it will be OK. We are only here to help.

What if the ACCCCCCC get involved?

So the ACCC won't let me be
Or let me be me, so let me see