Adidas No More - ISC Apparel partner from 2017

No one has mentioned the training jumper Zach is wearing. Nothing to be offended about I suppose. Doesn’t look as bad as the earlier pics. Who would have thought?

No one has mentioned the training jumper Zach is wearing. Nothing to be offended about I suppose. Doesn't look as bad as the earlier pics. Who would of thought?

Woosha’s wearing ISC too. not a bad T shirt.

Great droop! Just the right amount, 1993 jumper style.

Does Woosh smile?

Does Woosh smile?

Like an assassin.

Does Woosh smile?

Only twice before, he only smiles after winning premierships.

The curved sash has come home. Hallelujah.

Does Woosh smile?

Only twice before, he only smiles after winning premierships.

Three times then

I want the sash so straight that if anything it begins drooping upwards

I want the sash so straight that if anything it begins drooping upwards


Agreed on Zach - looks like it was a classic case of design v reality with the starkness of the ■■■■■■ graphics.

I can imagine smoking joe in it so it get’s a big tick from me.

The curved sash has come home. Hallelujah.

Some perspective needed from where we’ve come from. The new ISC jumper is only slightly curved, and thats as good as the straight in my opinion because its still considered TIGHT, but NEVER EVER FORGET the 2009-2010 disgraceful sagging drooping abomination of our Sash and here’s a reminder…

2009-2010 Drooping Disgrace
photo tighten-lethal-rd5-246g.jpgBombers jumper photo BombersJumper_zps1f95258f.png

New ISC Jumper …If the on-field playing jumper is this one, and not the coat hanger job seen earlier, then its good,
but if only they had covered the full shoulder width with the Sash they would have ticked all the boxes and been superb.
Instead, its seems they have deliberately tried to avoid it… deviating off the natural line of the top part of the sash and leaving a 10mm gap to the collar. WHY!
photo s-l1600_zpsrrd1iah9.jpg

Don’t think the sash is that bad…

X trying to trigger @benzina

We're getting back to our roots, thanks to our new friends at ISC. More to come .... #curvedsash

— Xavier Campbell (@XCampbell79) November 7, 2016

Thats what they said when the straight sash returned…remember?

That looks alright… obviously will need to see it on field.

I’d like to see us change our logo… I’m always going to associate our current one with the saga now, unfortunately.

Wish they’d stop showing that coat hanger job…it looks crap compared to the official photo on the Bomber shop. You can see how narrow the shoulders are compared to the Adidas too, and only a sash (and nothing else) would ever have trouble getting over that,and then they go and put the 10mm gap in as well. Board should have nipt that in the bud at the beginning.

Email from club:

Essendon Football Club is excited to announce it has signed three new apparel partners for the 2017 season.

The Bombers players were greeted with their new ISC, SKINS and New Era apparel at today’s first training session of the pre-season.

ISC, SKINS and New Era will supply the team with the latest performance apparel, compression technology and an exclusive range of headwear in 2017 and beyond.

CEO, Xavier Campbell, welcomed the three leading and progressive apparel brands to the Essendon family.

“We are extremely pleased ISC, SKINS and New Era will be part of our comeback story,” Campbell said.

“These are three innovative and progressive sports brands, and their decision to partner with Essendon is an important step in the future direction of our Club.

“This is the first time we have segmented our apparel partnerships, and we are excited about the benefits the new range will deliver from a performance and retail perspective.

“The range of on-field apparel, compression technology and headwear is dynamic, and we look forward to seeing our players, coaches, staff and supporters wearing it over the course of the 2017 season and beyond.”

ISC has signed on as the Club’s Official On-field Apparel Partner for the next seven seasons, making it one of the largest apparel partnerships in the AFL.

The Australian owned company will supply the Club’s Official On-field playing Guernseys, shorts and socks, as well as a comprehensive range of training and off-field apparel.

Its business model of relationship-led sporting partnerships, supported by quality products and an innate understanding of the Australian sports landscape has been a large part of its success.

Brett Corrick of ISC said their vision is to empower the players to be the best in their sportswear.

"It’s a major milestone for ISC to be announced as the 2017 Official On-field Apparel Partner of the Essendon Bombers, one of the oldest and most respected AFL clubs,” Corrick said.

“2017 will be one of the most important seasons in the Bombers illustrious history and we are honoured to have been chosen to share this journey with them.

“We take pride in providing technologically advanced, quality merchandise and kits, and partnering with the Bombers for 2017 will play an integral part in supporting our home grown success."

SKINS has signed on as the Club’s Official Compression Partner for the next three seasons and will supply the team with training and playing compression technology garments.

SKINS Executive Chairman, Jaimie Fuller, said he is proud to partner with the Club after witnessing the on and off-field changes which have taken place over the past season.

“We believe Essendon is truly committed to not only changing its game but also recognising the role they can play in changing the game. That’s something we are proud to sponsor and stand behind,” Fuller said.

“We at SKINS believe it’s about more than how far you have fallen. It’s about how you can inspire others in the way you rise back up.

“To us, that is the essence of sport. That is ultimately what we all play for and, indeed, what we live for.”

New Era is the Club’s Official Headwear Partner for the next two seasons.

Since 1920, New Era has been hand-crafting the finest headwear on the planet, and is the brand of choice in the worlds of sport, fashion, music and entertainment.

In 2017 Essendon’s players, coaches and staff will be wearing a specific range of New Era headwear including the Bombers’ media cap, training cap, beanie, visor and travel cap.

General Manager of New Era Australia, Simon Hibbs, said he looked forward to working with the Bombers.

"We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Essendon Football Club, as their Official Headwear Partner,” Hibbs said.

“New Era is delighted to be the Official Headwear Partner of an AFL Club, bringing the best headwear in the world to both the players and the fans at the club.”

The full range of ISC and New Era apparel is available in the Bomber Shop at the Club’s Tullamarine headquarters.

New Era make cool hats