Adidas No More - ISC Apparel partner from 2017

damn. i hope ISC payed for their sponsorship deal up front…

Probably explains why the club is trying to flog as much of the player issue merch now.

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and why Don Smallgoods was able to produce a limited edition guernsey without ISC kicking up a stink


It’ll be Lowes or Dimmeys & Forges.

Goes well with Amart.


Carlton signed a 10-year deal with Puma, that begins next season. I think they were the only team in the league that was sponsored by Nike.

Nike or Under Armour would be noice.

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Nike have butchered Carlton’s jumpers in recent years. No Nike for me.

I’d be happy with Puma or Under Armour.

That would probably be made by someone else anyway.

Remember when Cupido was the first footy player in Fubu boots? Man, what a time to be alive.


Spot on. Carlton’s have been terrible. No Nike for me!

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I’d want Nike or UA as they’d produce quality off field stuff. Adidas made a quality polo shirt that had no sponsorship and the historical EFC logo; more of that and less of the billboard ■■■■ that’s currently for sale.

The caveat is that the jumper isn’t to be tinkered with. Just leave the thing alone.

i want HOT BARRACUDA from carribean gardens


Half of the branded stuff is produced to spec anyway. There’s not one big Adidas factory, where everything comes from.

The apparel has never been a thing for me. All I see is a black and red sashed jumper and whether we are playing well or not. Sure the clash jumpers stand out, but even then they fade out and it’s how we are playing.

Anyway, we all know it’s going to be Marvel designing our jumpers soon enough.

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I’ve really liked ISC’s jackets and hoodies and don’t have an issue with the guernseys they’ve produced across 2017-19. I hope that these rumours of their demise aren’t true, as mentioned before they are an Aussie brand so you don’t want to see local companies hit the wall like that. ISC actually do the apparel for my cricket club, and I have to say it’s easily the best I’ve had the pleasure of wearing. But if @Four_Flags is correct then I guess there isn’t much that can be done about it. I’m sure BLK still do some apparel for sporting teams, but have backed out of the big markets like AFL, NRL, etc.

There are many many things to gaf about, … who does or doesn’t make our friggin apparel is not one of them.

Yeah guys. Stop talking about things.


What do you think this is, a forum or something?


If we had a soccer team what fox sports thinks our team kit would look like.


i hope to hell as a league we never go with the advertising in the center of the kit. its only a matter of time though…

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Some guy off reddit you mean.