Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 1)

Jesus man, get over yourself. But thanks for actually answering this time.

Its effectively the same answer I gave last time.

It was much more direct, and i appreciate it. Apart from calling my question stupid for the second time.

When you say “so you be clear” you don’t think thats an example of a loaded question that you gave zero context to? It read as a very clear gotcha attempt.

I actually meant to write “so to be clear”, which sounds a lot less aggressive. Maybe that’s how my simple hypothetical question became derailed. Apologies.

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i would take sheezel or cadman over ashcroft. because it addresses a clear list need, and they are arguably all rated about the same

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Sheezel and Ashcroft are similiar types both in sze and ability, and will probably make some impact from their first game.

Cadman will end up being about 196 cm and close to 95kg, and is as mobile as Jeremy Cameron but a better leap. He has all the attributes but it will take a few years to see if he is as good as some think at the highest level.

I am a big fan, and while I would love him at the Hangar, I believe that Jones, Baldwin and Voss will develop next year, and are all about the same size.

If we could snag Wardlaw at our first pick, I reckon we will have done OK. Doesn’t seem that much between the first 5 or 7 in this draft.


Purely on watching maybe 15-20 mins of each of them(not just “highlights”), i think Ashcroft looks a class above. But that’s just opinion.

You might need a break from here to calm down. all following the same team etc

Don’t poke the Bear !



Jeez if you think Dodo made some bad list selections ( recently) , I have one word for you :wink: Polec.
I know, strawman …

This seems rather notable for who did and who didn’t appear in this video

Edit. Just realised this is an old video.

At this point it’s pretty safe to conclude the club pigeon holed the ol’Dodo around 2020.

Only question for me is if that’s enough.

I am not unhappy with this years Draft. The trade period could have been a lot better if we were a “destination club” which is probably the result of many years of very average recruiting / player selection / luck and a long term average culture ( of entitlement) at the club generally.

Lets hope the board upheaval of 2022 marks a real turning point.

Is Jackets going to be pushed out now the Draft is over ???

Whatever, If he is seen to be part of the culture problem, then so be it.

Its not like his job is purely recruiting players. There’s contract management, player negotiations , cap management , these are massive responsibilities, far less visible to most fans, who think draft and trades are all he does. It may be possible to ease him out of recruiting, so he no longer has responsibility for it, but continues to manage contracts etc. ( unless of course the players who have left cite problems when negotiating with him which I don’t believe he does in a vacuum anyway )

Not one HBF to be turned into a mid. Not one. Dodoro losing his touch.

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Ironically we could actually use a young HBFer.


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