Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

Yes it’s certainly a stage managed outcome, Dodoro probably has a contract for next year and paying him out + Xavier + Stewart etc… looks bad. Of course it doesn’t look as backing Adrian for the last two decades, but you know……essington.

Anyway, bye Adrian, thanks for your tenure over the last two decades we can all sincerely say we wouldn’t have achieved what we have done without you.

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Reckon you mean Barham


If we want to be more depressingly accurate. Only Essendon and GC haven’t made a prelim since 2010 (last 13 years).

And every club but Essendon and GC has finished top 6 on the home and away ladder in the past 10 years




Adrian: “Over here’s the dart board. Hang on to that. You’ll need that for draft day.”

Matt: “What’s in this filing cabinet? Looks like a lot of detailed notes. It’s looks carefully ordered and very thorough. Are they your recruitment strategies?”

Adrian: "Oh, no that’s my property portfolio. I’ll be taking that with me. The safe in the back there has my board member photos and a month’s supply of snake oil. Just keep both of those available at all time.

Over here is Leonard. He’s been a great help with all my recruitment and list management philosophies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck and he’s given me some great advice."

Matt: “That’s a chimpanzee…”



He’s not going to be around much in 2024.
He was never going to be sacked, for the same reasons he hasn’t been shown the door earlier.
There’s definitely reasons he’s been able to hold on for so long, obviously highly political.

I think this has been handled well and we have to focus on the new.

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Thanks Dodoro for your efforts.

Best of Luck to Rosa


that was superbly fantastically brilliant

unfortunately you are so going to get black banned by the Screenwriters Guild


That’s racist

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Those bastards banned me years ago.

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This is what a CEO does, many of the post saga problems can be laid squarely at the feet of the previous CEO.

Don’t overlook all the purposeful innovations.

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This is 100% a corporate managed exit.

Dodoro would have seen the writing on the wall, everybody knows he is a powerful political influence, and Dodoro does have a passion for the EFC which both he and the club will be happy to exploit for mutual financial benefit.

Vozzo will be very keen on allowing his guy to have freedom to be the list manager. Rosa will be taking over from day one and whilst have Dodoros number, I bet will never call it. He will take advice from Vozzo.




Vozzo removing Dods

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He gone yet?