Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

so if this team wins a flag in the next say 5-7 years and dodoro has moved on. does he get any credit for it?

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Hate is a strong word and has no place in this discussion.

All Essendon folk would be disappointed with our performances since our last era as a top side. That is absolutely no excuse to target one person some random posters think should wear the blame as the focus of their hate-filled rants.

Given he has moved to a different role within the club, a role where these same random posters would have absolutely no idea as to what his contribution will be, provides further evidence that these rants reflect these posters’ obsessions and absolutely nothing at all constructive.


Many clubs are now appointing people to a specific role for “player movement and trade”. I wouldnt be surprised if Dodoro ends up in a role like that. Basically a role to facilitate negotiations, discussions etc with trade and free agency prospects

jesus christ.


He’s done more for the club and players than any of us have and he loves the club just as much and probably more. He has dedicated his life to the club! I too am a bit tired of the vitriol thrown at him.


If he really loved the club he would walk away from it rather than continue to destroy it


lol so dramatic. Do you really think Brad Scott and vozzo would keep him if he was “destroying” the club?


His woeful list management is one of the main reasons we have been so pathetic.
It’s amazing that even the best list managers either move on or are moved on yet this bloke is allowed to continue.


Sounds crazy hey, maybe he’s doing something right?

IF they want to keep him at the club just have him during the trade/FA negotiations which hes very good at

But when it comes to identifying talent via draft that job belongs to Rosa

Dodoro should be no where near the draft

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No he needs to be completely removed from the club along with some other washed up dinosaurs


If his key performance indicator is not winning a final for two decades then yeah he is absolutely doing that right


So he must be hitting some kpis?

We’re rolling in to 2024 and still wondering if we’re good enough to make the finals this year, can some people not see what the issue is here.


Maybe in real estate.

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We appear to have one of the best managed salary caps in the league. That’s Adrian’s doing.

We secured a number of trades in 2023 for reasonable outlays and retained picks to bring in quality young talent. That’s all or mostly Adrian.

The only decision of late that hasn’t worked was Wiederman, but we paid almost nothing for him and it’s not the worst gamble ever made.

I’m happy for him to step back to mentoring and then fade into the background. A freshen up of ideas is due. Are there any objective factual screw ups of late that Dodoro is responsible for or are we just in the Groundhog Day loop of not liking him because we don’t like him?


I agree

F*ck premierships.
I barrack for a great salary cap.


Of all the clubs in the competition, I think Essendon is the best example of the importance of managing the salary cap correctly.

Wish you would ■■■■ off