Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

I think there’s a difference between overpaying players and having too many highly paid players.

Collingwood had a strategy to bring in too much talent, then trade out. In hindsight it wasn’t the disaster we thought it was.

The one to avoid is the bottom dwelling teams who overpay their players to fill up the salary cap. We’ve negotiated hard against players who all knew there was plenty of cash in the cap. It would be easy to pay overs when the list isn’t deep, but paying overs has opportunity cost.

But anyways, managing salary cap is only part of the role. It has enabled us to do some aggressive player imports this season, but time will tell if those imports are the difference makers. Worst case is it’s a repeat of the SSSS trades which looked good on paper but didn’t shift the team up the ladder.

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Dodoro has 30+ years experience in the area, why are we giving him kudos for not breaking the salary cap ?

I wasn’t trying to focus on the salary cap. I am genuinely curious why there’s so much angst when everything in the list management space right now seems to be ticking along nicely.

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Like who…?

The lack of transparency from the club about his future doesn’t help.

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Not sure how you figure that. The presser and related article around has him stepping back from current senior role and assisting Rosa ongoing. Pretty black and white.


For how long ?

Salaried employee, they aren’t going to have end dates

Not like he’s a player signing to a fixed term contract

Will be as long as CEO deems he’s worthy in whatever role he’s doing to assist or he leaves himself

Name me one thing good about the lists we have had over the past 20 years

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In other words you don’t know.

I don’t. But how is it relevant that you know though

If Vozzo and Scott are happy with whatever the outcomes are from the new structure that’s that

It may be Rosa gets to a point where able to do it all, it may be that as someone noted above clubs are wanting additional resources in around pitching at/trading side of list management


Okay, just got the impression from the club last year that he was going to assist the Rosa transition this year and then it all became pretty vague after that.
Will he be at EFC 2025, all depends on how we go this year imo.

Sheedy & Harvey. Dorothy Hisgrove can go as well

On what basis are we managing the cap better than any let alone most other clubs? Having a reported 3M war chest is not actually good management - thats the Peter Jackson school of profit before success philosophy that set the clubs’ demise in motion. Now of course its important to stay under the cap but again I see no reason to suggest we are doing that better than other clubs especially when you consider the fact we are talking about a list that hasn’t had any success which is the natural driver of higher value. I also think its pretty fanciful at this stage to believe we’ve used extra cap space to entice needed talent to the same level as clubs like Melbourne (May, Lever, Langdon & Pig), Geelong (Danger, Cameron, Touhy, Rohan), Richmond (Lynch, Prestia, Nankervis, Caddy) Brissy (Neale, JD, Dunkley, Cameron). What we’ve done is managed to not illegally overpay for a list that has not deserved to be overpaid. Thats simply par for the course & the minimal standard.


I think most made the assumption/wishful thoughts that would be the case

But that’s not what Vozzo or Dodoro actually said.

If you watched the draft, it was pretty obvious who was assisting who out of Dodoro and Rosa. Dodoro was front and center and Rosa was on the periphery.

Yeah it was stated he would continue in his current role through the upcoming draft and trade period, then move to transition to assisting Rosa ongoing. Which was the logical way for it to progress anyway

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Bahaha, the irony!

The logical way would have been to Fark off years ago

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Collingwood have one of the worst salary caps, hasn’t seemed to bother them too much over the past few years