Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

Agree with that. We have an aversion to bottoming out.

2 first round picks for shiel and not wanting to do 2 2nds for hill is some of our biggest blunders

When you look at those 2018 2019 drafts for sheil it’s going to hurt us for a long time it could have been Zak butters and Weightman/bergman/SDK.
Then the taking Nick Bryan before Chad Warner is an ouchy as well.

What’s with this new narrative all of a sudden?
We didn’t even have 2 2nds to offer.
GWS maintained the entire time he wouldn’t unless they could get a similar player.
McCartney himself said a deal was never live, he was always a required player

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you dont court someone for years if youre not serious, and dodoro said they’d been working hill for such

It was all a ruse from GWS. Even if we offered them a first and a second they wouldn’t have traded him to us. They don’t want to deal with us anymore

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I’m sure we court lots of players we’re serious about.
Not sure how that fits in any way with what I wrote though.

could’ve addressed a primary list need since the early 00s, yet the most accessible resource wasn’t available to us because of who our list manager was, incredible

In the show me the money doco it has the hill trade in it Hill wanted Collingwood all along and when it was clear that it wasn’t happening dodo jumped in like a hero and said he could get it done despite GWS saying it wouldn’t

GWS is now resigned to losing Hill, but hasn’t ruled out trading him to another Melbourne-based club if Essendon doesn‘t pay up.

You haven’t included your source but I’m assuming that was from the following year when he was out of contract (and ultimately made the move).

He’d already chosen Collingwood by then.

Dodoro is an absolute fraud, there are so many obvious demonstrations of this, no need to invent additional narratives.


Watching other teams this weekend is abit deflating.

There is nothing dynamic, exciting about us, no standout players you want to specifically watch, maybe Durham for me but not much up forward.

No one 21 and under coming though thats makes you excited about there future.

Really hope Caddy gets a good go at it to see something.


It shows we are a very slow team

despite lengthy conversations over the weekend between the Bombers and Giants, Essendon is yet to put in an offer for the wantaway small forward, who is contracted to GWS for one more season.

………The word I’m getting this morning is that the Giants, and (football chief) Jason McCartney in particular, have been calling other Victorian clubs," AFL reporter Tom Browne said.

“Unless the Bombers offer something so compelling that we release him from his contract. He’s a contracted player at the Giants,” Bartel said.

Drafting good kicks can make a team look quick, like hawthorn have done. We do the opposite.

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I doubt kicking efficiency is even in Dodoro’s top 10 must haves.


And what do you think that compelling offer would have to have been? Technically any player would be available if the offer was “compelling” enough. Very very rare for a club to publicly rule out any possibility of a trade during trade week.
You initially said 2 seconds which we didn’t even have. Doesn’t sound very compelling.

I could link multiple direct quotes from McCartney saying he’d only be traded if they could secure a replacement.
They tried to, but were turned down (ie. Wingard).

Short of something absolutely crazy it just wasn’t happening.
Then he came out of contract and chose Collingwood.


That would be a scary top 10.

Kicking - nup
Running - nup
Competitiveness - nup

Good family yup
Half black flank yup
Skinny yup

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