Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000 (Part 2)

He nearly missed the opportunity to take Tippa, we’re lucky he didn’t balls it up.

I would term that injury management rather than player development, although clearly the ability to keep players uninjured impacts how players develop.

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Ah, except he has…,

Walla was a rookie draft pick.

Which we haven’t had till an audit came along that said we need to start. We started and hey presto, top 4.

Full credit that you’ve stuck to your guns to the point of mental illness, but all the things out of Dodoros control have been instigated and we’re not talking about how we can make it, but how it’s ours to stuff up.

In a development year (Brads words).

Sounds like Dodoros held up his end. If I was you I’d put down your end of the world sandwich frame for a second and take note of people like mick mcguane who’ve said he’s harshly dealt with by his own club supporters. I’ve still yet to hear anyone get too precious with him within the industry.

All those players are his, or at least his departments. He’s the stick, the cue, the balls and the pockets.

He is The Game.

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Rubbish. We have a young list that has been smashed by injuries for several years.

We have the makings of a very good team with several youngsters nowhere near their ‘ceiling’. So youngsters Perkins, Cox, Jones. Others that aren’t quite tip top yet like Redman, Parish, Ridley. There is plenty of improvement to be had !!!

We need 4 things to happen to play as good as we can:

1: Hepp & Kelly should not be in the same team again unless we are desperate (need for speed)
2: we never play 3 ruckman again (need for speed)
3: injuries stay within reason
4: Brad picks teams that are fit for purpose in regard to who we are playing, unlike the team that he picked for say the Cats. See points 1 & 2 above, we could have gone for smaller players, we knew the Cats struggled against fast teams … we also knew it was going to be wet. We went with 3 ruckman & Hepp fmd

Also need to counter the oppositions main ball winner(s)

We can contend THIS year if everything falls into place

According to some Blitzers (I wouldn’t know) Gold Coast tried to get him, and he’s turned down other offers.

We had a look at him around the end of 2015 ahead of that draft. There were meant to have been a few concerns, and in the end we (and every other team) decided not to draft him. The next year he had a better season in the VFL and got drafted by Fremantle in the national draft.

The irony here is, I’ve been saying for years that I don’t think we can win a premiership without a full rebuild, and that whoever was responsible for pushing that approach (including if it was Dodoro) should be fired. If Essendon do prove me wrong over the next few years, becoming successful while building from finishing a mixture of lowish and mid-table, I’ll have been proven completely wrong on that call.

I would say that its not one or the other supporting the other, it is that all of these facets of the club (plus others) need to be working to get success. You can have the greatest coach ever, but give them a crap list or one that spends its entire time in rehab and you won’t have success. You can draft great prospects but if the coaches are poor at developing them, motivating them and getting the culture right it won’t do any good. And you can get all of that right and then have a saga which knocks you for six for 4+ years.

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According to the famous, Malcom Gladwell book “Outliers” it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of complex skills.

Now assuming there are 2,000 working hrs per year, Adrian Dodoro is approaching virtuoso levels of list management mastery. He is in fact a master 4 times over. Now, do we really want to throw all those learnings out and start again?

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Yeah, yeah, but Einstein apparently said# “insanity is [Essendon doing] the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

#may not be true (he no more said that than he said “any farking idiot could understand that” when challenged on one of his formulae).

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Exactly. All departments influence eachother.

But you can’t claim a guy who has been in a role for 20 years with the club sacking multiple CEOs and coaches is some victim

it’s funny how some wins bring the dodo apologists out from hiding.

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its way more fun in here after a loss

It was attributed to Albert Einstein, but actually was first said or written by Rita Mae Brown.

I measure the recruiting team by looking at who we draft versus who were the next players to go.

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How’s that list looking now you ■■■■■■■ fraud?
6 goals against a VFL list you snake oil salesman. A list full of soft and weak cats


No no.
It’s the player development and conditioning.

It’s gunna be lit in here this week

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The complete and utter lack of development at the club is not on him.

See Kozzy Picket Adrian, that’s the kind of small forward we need and you need to spend more than a rookie pick to get one like him.