Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Worsfold, bless his soul, is a shithouse coach. But he probably sits down at the whiteboard every week at team selection thinking ■■■■ me Dodoro has served us up a mighty ■■■■ list.


Most of them are ■■■■


This list isn’t terrible so stop being stupid. We have an excellent forward line group and a reasonable backline. We do have some good mids.

Where Dodoro is getting it wrong is the inability to pick up inside mid beasts and that is what we desperately need.

You get that right and fix up the game plan so it is based on the type of players we have and clean up the skills (so basically get a better coaching setup) and you have a decent side.

Richmond don’t exactly have a top shelf looking team on paper, but they have a good game plan, good coaching, good skills and a lot of desperation and it is taking them places.


How do we have an “excellent forward line group”? Our best forward can’t fire a shot this season and the other good one can’t get on the park. The rest can’t stick to the gameplan and put pressure on all game. There’s nothing indicative of it being excellent.


When you have the players fully fit and firing this forward group is almost unstoppable, especially if the ball is getting to them well and quickly. I didn’t say they were playing well this year, I said they are an excellent forward group, which they are.


We should be trying them out atleast. If they are no good delist them


I’ll give you the forward line.

The backline is ■■■■■■■ terrible lol.

And the midfield, as it has been for 15 years, is nearly the worst in the comp.

Oh yeah and we have the worst rucks, just about.

But please continue with the positive appraisals of a team that is 2-5 and hasn’t achieved anything in its current guise.


Agree, but they all had issues when we drafted them, those issues remain, and they are the types of things that exasperate our issues


When you have Gleeson out, McGrath moved away, Kelly gone, Ambrose constantly injured as well and Tippa playing less down there, it is going to upset the balance, losing Oirish didn’t help either. Gleeson makes a huge difference to that setup imo.

You get Gleeson, Ambrose, Hurley, Hooker, Conor down there each week and then you see a decent backline structrure.


And cut that shyte out, there is nothing wrong with saying some of the positive things because they are REAL. Stop being an ■■■■ and address the issues.

Our side isn’t terrible, the coaching is.

And yes, I addressed that the midfield has problems, as it has had for years and this is where Dodoro has been getting it so badly wrong. We need pure inside midfield beats, not HBF turned into midfielders.


Oh bullshit


What you don’t acknowledge is that that very backline (sans Hooker only) had very real issues keeping teams to low scores last year.

Our backline was and is crap. And it will be even worse next year when Goddard is gone and Mcgrath spends even less time there.

So we are left with a good forward line. Great, except it’s completely dysfunctional and our mids can’t kick it to them.

Forgive my pessimism but it’s a shambolic list and we desperately need new ideas from someone other than dodoro.



One paced with disposal or decison making issues?

I watch a ■■■■ tonne of elite junior footy, and talent ID for another afl club, what I’m saying isn’t just hyperbole





They knew where to find me


So you work for another AFL club?


And you’ve offered your services for free, every year for the last 7 years.

Just one rookie pick! Just one!

Not taken.


In a manor of speaking. I’m more freelancing, I have an ability in a particular area of social assessment and some in talent evaluation relative to that, that a club that’s not Essendon recently saw value in. I’ve been carving a niche for years, everyone here knows that.


So you’re a “spotter”


Amazing the bloke got promoted hasn’t buit a list that can win finals or get close to a flag in over 10 years.