Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Kind of, I spot in a very specific way and then advise on how a transition to AFL might work for a particular type of player to best insure a successful transition to the lifestyle.

I’d like to think I work for the kids, not th club


So Dodoro realised last trade period that he hasn’t got a clue how to pick kids. He went to Woosha and said I have no idea so why don’t we give up our picks for 3 tried players

And there we have it. The three S’s

■■■■ ■■■■■■■ and shittiest


Smith has been ok


Totally disagree. When your midfield leaks like a sieve, as ours does, no backline could stop the opposition. Even the best backlines in the league require their midfield to stop the ball or get back and help. Ours doesn’t run back, ever. We miss a Stanton who would gut run the length of the ground to ensure he got back to help.

Our backline is perfectly serviceable, it is the midfield that is our issues.


Spot on


Overlooking the midfield in the modern game is laughable. It’s not just a minor oversight, it’s pure incompetence.


We miss a Stanton? Your kidding aren’t you. He was worse than Goddard.


Another stupid comment. Seriously, that was pathetic.


our midfiled is killing us


Yes it is.


It’s no rumour. It’s fact.


And playing heaps of talls doesn’t help the midfield either. These farkers are selecting a team that is too top heavy.

I would love to see how we would’ve gone without Joe and Stringer today. What if we had Long and Langford instead.


Which is why I cannot believe we are not chasing a whole heap of later picks that are fast tackling machines who have great disposal. Slightly bigger versions of Tippa. Who can come in and play that defensive midfield role and use their kicking to get us out when the heats on.

Instead we go for average players who can’t kick like Ashby, who was the ultimate Dodoro failure pick, a HBF reach pick who was supposed to be a high upside player and whose skills issue were clearly ignored.




Adrian and his team have performed so poorly in finding strong inside midfielders that David Myers (who would would have to be the most limited player in the game) is still required to play at the age of 30.

The end.


Weren’t we singing his praise last year?


Yeah, but remember where you are.
A minute is a long time on Blitz.


Hasn’t been able to put together a midfield in 20 years.

Anyone else would be sacked in any other organization.

Sack the carnt


Instead the club promote him wtf?


Throw the bank at Stephen Wells.