Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


There is recruitment and there is salary cap management.


Will we have the balls to clean out the list and let go some senior players like North and Hawthorn have, enabling a proper re-build? Doubt it.


We need kids. Good ones. Not the dross we have in the VFL

Will take years


Been at the club too long, a fresh approach is required


Any future recruits MUST be able to hit a target by foot, it’s gotta be a non-negotiable.


nah, he is a good bloke. we dont get rid of good blokes. In fact, we promote em!


Keep him the fk away from our early draft pick this year.


Our first draft pick last draft was classic Disco. Athlete who had never once got 20+ touches in 50+ games of junior footy. I’m sick of this mentality of picking athletes with nice physical attributes and teaching them to play at the club. FFS, pick some natural footballers who know how to find the footy and don’t mind laying tackles.


Time to move on, both him and Keane


He is the main reason we are where we are

He is the recruiter

This is his team. Don’t blame the players, don’t blame the coach

Blame this imposter


The recruiters and our player development people are equally to blame.
(Fuck) them all off…


To me it looks like Dodoro likes players who play a pretty game instead of hard working grunt types. He never recruits hard at it players really.


I don’t think he even likes pretty players

He likes 190cm utilities


Of all his ‘hits’ WOW there have been critical misses!!! I won’t list them all!


Has to go. How can we get so many first and second round picks wrong. Keeps picking HFF, keeps picking midfielders too small, he is not up with the modern game


But hes on the executive now m8.


Why was he promoted i don’t get it.


And yet in this day and age where the game is all midfield hes still, in charge… he’s great with talls but that’s it…


20 years as list manager and his best years were with the list Noel Judkins built. Move the conman on.


Involved in the land deal with Bomber

They love money down there