Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


I never had any issues with Houlihan the kid, what he did at junior level or anything.

My issue was what he does and is good at was surplus to our requirements.

There were kids on the board at that time that filled more pressing needs. But instead we went with another mid sized flanker


You applying for the job?


Im not sure I fit the culture




reckon your criticism is on solid ground?

There’s a zillion perfectly valid criticisms of Disco, bagging him for how he’s used third rounders full-stop is not one. Let alone that he has a history of going for the eye-catching, albeit flashy goalkickers? When on earth has he done that?
Steinberg… 2010… ???
John Williams with about our 9th pick in 2008??? Twice in the last 10 years??


Yet the best flashy goal kicker we have drafted in that span was Fantasia

Make no mistake, that was Bass’s doing

With all this being said I’m not blaming Disco or Merv. Our recruitment team is tiny compared to the majority of the other AFL team, from an outsiders perspective I think we rely a little too heavily on relationships with a few groups in each state and tend to only pick out of those pools.

But that’s the make up for the lack of resources


If pressing needs is midfielders we where able to get them later with Guelfi and Mynott. Houlahan wouldn’t have been available that late. The only other midfielder I would have taken over Houlahan was Mynott anyway perhaps we could had taken Kyron Hayden or Tom North but Mynott is on par if not a better prospect than both and we where able to get him as a rookie.


Anyone in particular you are dissapointed that we missed out on?


I really like Guelfi, but I am quite surprised when people peg him as a future inside player. All the bio mech guys in his draft year say he doesn’t have the frame that will see him end up much higher than the low 80’s Kgs.

I have no real issue with Mynott either other than his lack of pace and his hurt factor with the footy.

After we drafted him I rang a team mate of his at Eastern and asked what his best asset was and he said “his overhead marking”

Ok, great, but not really what we want the best skill to be from someone we are hoping to be a clearance inside mid


Why??? He’s kept the place afloat mate. You seem to have a personal problem


“everyone forgot my boy schloithe” - @Dell


I kinda agree that there’s not an immediate hole for him in the 22 this year, but you pick kids for more than year 1. Particularly when you’ve brought in 3 experienced guys with the first 2 picks.

I don’t mind them going after legit forwards - for how many years have you been decrying playing midfielders as forwards l??

Green and laverde keep breaking - Begs, Fanta and Lang all end up mids - the depth for small & mid sized forwards isn’t all that great.
Mark baguley forward, ffs…


Oh, right, coming from the guy who’ll defend him at any moment. His absolute ■■■■-tier drafting is the reason why we’ve got physically and mentally weak footballers.


Yeah, given our needs at the time I literally spat our a sausage when at our first pick when we didn’t grab Joel Garner. Especially seeing as he was lucky to be at our pick.

I thought he ticked every box for us

Contested ball winner
Good disposal
Defensive minded
Really good character
Bewick Eastern Rangers seal of approval

I feel like we should have grabbed Garner there even if we liked Houlihan because he was going to be there later


You’re assuming that’s a knock on his clearance work, rather than a compliment about his marking.
I didn’t think there was much doubt he could win clearances?? Pace, size and kicking maybe, but the kid gets after it


Garner is very slow and his running capacity was a big knock. Very smart and skilful player but clubs are starting to only look at slower players pretty late


I don’t think anyone was thinking our pick 49 was going to fill a hole in our best 22

But we have a tonne of guys on our list that are probably best suited to the half forward flank and unfortunately there are only two spots on the field


You really are a complete ■■■■■■■. Didn’t realise the recruitment staff developed and coached the players. Get your facts right loser. Go follow another team


Hi Adrian. Five different coaches and still the same ■■■■. Your time is up soon.


True, but I feel like Joel was lack of speed is a bit of a furfy, he is not lightening but I think people looked at his heritage and expected him to be quicker than he is and that some how extrapolated into slow.

Didn’t you have him at like 20 in your mock?