Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


It looks like Clarke could be at least a solid AFL player but we can’t call it a probable win yet. Performing in the reserves and seniors are completely different things. Mutch and Guelfi remain up in the air too. We constantly see young players coming in and doing good things but end up drifting along and not doing anything special. I’m still very high on Francis and think he will develop into a star which would help our backline immensely.

I’ll cut Walla some slack for now because he’s clearly carrying some sort of injury.


Can I say, for a thug you are quite articulate…

Good points, particularly Tbell observation. If Lang/Clarke can make it in the seniors as mids, problem solved, almost overnight, so probably should give Dodoro the benefit of the doubt for now.


Nice posts about Dodoro but leaves unanswered the question of why in his entire tenure at the club we have never managed to have a midfield that isn’t bottom 4 in the afl, aside from perhaps a year or two under hird


Do you happen to have Houlahan’s sprint/agility measurements from the combine?

I can see online that he was a standout in the kicking/jumping, but wonder how far down he was on the other disciplines…



That is EXACTLY a list management issue


Essendon 101. Something else is always to blame for whatever goes wrong!


You mean it’s not as simple as “best available”? Boooo.


We are one Ollie Wines away from being just fine in terms of inside mids.

Plus, our VFL side is killing it in every inside mid stat.

Our list balance is fine if we’d take some of our talls out of the AFL side and replace them with smaller quicker players. Then our VFL side would have more talls available, and our AFL side would be quicker across the ground.

Do I wish we had Adelaides recruiters. Yep. Would I risk replacing Dodoro with whoever this club thinks is best available out there. Not a chance. I’m more confident in Adrian’s ability to pick players, than I am confident of the clubs ability to pick employees.


Yeah, we should definitely go and pluck a Jobe Watson, Josh Kennedy or Patrick Crips from the draft it will sort out all of our contested ball winning issues.

Getting these blokes is like picking apples from a tree. 190cm brick sh*t-house, inside midfielders are everywhere in the draft.


Get Kelly to have a chat with Mitch Duncan, see if we can wedge him out with a decent offer…4yr 700-800k


Fantastically bi-polar this place. 12 months ago Dodoro was “Jackets”, the messiah, now he’s the root of all evil.
Just mind boggling.


helps if you quote the whole sentence


His performance in trade week was outstanding.

The draft and past drafts… far from it.


Really? We’ve been rapt with most of his draft picks of late. It’s widely agreed that the list currently has the most talent of any time in the last decade or so. Other than big bodied inside midfielders, the list is in decent shape.

Our gameplan and coaching isn’t great, but the list itself isn’t a disaster.


Or just maybe it’s two different groups of people


And most of the picks he’s taken since are looking OK, Dev Smith would be leading the B&F, saad has slipped straight in, guelfi (pick 70-something!) debuted & looked good

You can only laugh


During trade week.

His performance at the draft table for 15 years has been appalling. Still short on inside mids x 2 and small defenders


Btw. Dodoro as list manager in a contracts and list addition and retention sense has done an excellent job.

This needs to be said.

List balance and a recruitment sense is where the holes open up.


Like your analysis, but u r over-generous in a lot of your A grade ratings


Is that the Mitch Duncan people were calling a spud not that long ago?