Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


No, that’s Ditch Muncan.




Well said


Every club has holes on their list


Not as many as ours, that stay that way over seasons

You need to get your coaterie mates to find a way to pump more money into the recruiting team. It’s far too under resourced compared to the rest of the AFL


I guess its the development coaches fault our list is a joke come dreamtime @ the g.


@Cgates will just keep putting his head in the sand thinking that everything’s going well, We just need to change coaches again, for the sixth time, and the players will finally come good!


I’ve been thinking a lot about the development coaches.

How much of their directive is to develop players into being able to play the position that wasn’t what they played pre draft?


to answer your question with another question.

how often does dodoro on draft day say ‘midfield potential’?


Every year

Legit said he saw Tate Pears with scope to go through the midfield


Yeah Roughead was Rough in the middle


‘Picking good players’ does not equal ‘good list management’.

We are very poorly balanced in players that can play certain roles; we are poorly balanced with the personality and physicality of players on our list; we are poorly balanced with diversity of life experiences, cultural & socio-economic backgrounds; we are poorly balanced in players who have good size.

You can pick gun players at every selection, but if you have no plan and fail to address structural holes in the list. Then those players who have been recruited are pretty much useless.


They will 100%. If you had any ■■■■■■■ idea you would see it. Get your head out of your ar s e


Who’s to say he couldn’t have? I reckon we got see about 30% of what Pears could’ve been. Cooked by the age of 20 or 21 due to injury. Strange player to make an example of.


Agree about the lost potential, but not as a mid, even the man himself was like WTF?


I never personally saw a mid there either, but at 190cms, strong build, quickish and a nice kick, it wasn’t out of the question. He said similar about Ridley as well when he was drafted. Again, I haven’t seen evidence of it, but it’s not out of the question.

If Oliver gets passed Melbourne and if we pick Mathieson over Morgan, we’d be adequately stocked in the big bodied mid department. I think it’s the only significant hole we need to fill in the immediate term. Losing a fading Jobe shouldn’t have sent us plummeting down the ladder, so I firmly believe bad gameplan = lost confidence = lost form = ■■■■ 2018. Our list is better than 15th.


Ill leave it at this.

Inside recruiting/list management circles the popular consensus is that Essendon has some very good top end talent on the list but the balance of the list is one of the worst in the AFL.

Before people go “oh what would xyz club know about our list”

The answer, A LOT, the majority of AFL clubs have in depth analytics on every other club and actually keep projection data on possible holes other clubs may have when making longer term trade plans. Most clubs have depth charts on the majority of the other clubs

Ie: club x says we are going to need an extra pick in the second round in the next draft, ok John Smith has said he wants be close to home, alright which club is short on small back depth that has a second?

These machinations are calculated year round, and this practice doubled when the AFL bought in the ability to trade for and with future assets.

Paraphrasing short answer

Great for talls, ■■■■■■ for everything else


Keep telling yourself that, Adrian. Any chance of finally drafting an inside midfielder with our first pick this year or have you got your eye on a malnourished flanker who you see developing into a midfielder?


That sort of knowledge is useful but it’s not everything.

Dogs and now Richmond were perceived to have significant holes in their lists.


I’m just saying what the external opinion on our list is