Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Please don’t kill my post with facts


There’s only one way to resolve the is it the recruiting or coaching that has made us ■■■■, and that is with an old fashion dance off. It’s the Essendon way, as we don’t believe in violence.


This will be news for a couple of Yak farmers in Tibet maybe.

There’s a reason we’ve brought in about 10 mids & flankers over the past 2-3 years - McGrath, Mutch, Clarke, Begley, Guelfi, Redman, Parish, Mynott et al; along with Green, Smth, Saad & Stringer.

The missing link is actually playing them. If you’d asked Disco he would’ve given McGrath midfield time from much earlier last year, he would’ve had Begley in the side mid-2017.


and also floors on different levels.


Dodoro has a good eye for talent and is a good recruiter. The one thing that’s always ■■■■■■ me off though is his failure to recognise matches are won from the midfield. I almost feel as though we should have one guy specifically who specialises in identifying midfield talent and dodoro can do all the other picks for every other position.


So out of 44 players Dodoro gets about 22 picks and the other guy gets the rest for pure mids?


Arguing about who we have drafted or should have drafted is irrelevant. The bottom line is we have not won a final for 15 years. We are also languishing around the bottom of the pile. We dont look to be going anywhere in the foreseeable future.
All this add up to a lack of class players. Blame who you like, it in an undeniable fact.


Yeh I’m thinking
‘pick number 5 essendon football club’…
midfield specialist: ‘adrian just step out of the room for a bit and come back in an hour or so, thanks mate’.


How come we’ve only got pick 5? Are we going to trade down?


If you take out Martin and maybe Cotchin/Jack, who else are class players at Richmond? Most of them are patched up footballers who are playing stellar football.


as did Laverde. And we try to turn them into mids. Crazy ■■■■


LAV played everywhere. Was touted as big bodied mid/ Goddard like utility but with wheels.


Well they got that wrong. Granted I never saw him play but the highlights I saw were of him marking the ball around 50 and kicking goals

In my opinion he is no good. A bit Like the Tarzan and Jane analogy


‘they’re wrong because i didn’t watch him, and when i did it was a fkg highlight video’


Hey Ice, I respect your right to your opinion but I would say that Rance is a very classy player. Many would include Houli deledio and Prestia.
Who would you say are class a EFC except Joe and maybe Zerrett.


Deledio plays for GWS.


Many players come into AFL system and don’t have tank to play midfield immediately despite them doing so in juniors.

LAV was started in fwd line in AFL. Then injuries continually preventing him building up to be able to be deployed in midfield more

Was flying preseason and injured again, now working back from that still. And frankly our fwd line wouldn’t have been great to be a part of recent times. Poor ball movement/lack of inside 50’s

IMO LAV probably needs what Lang has had happen and that’s a solid run in midfield in VFL, hasn’t had any opportunity for that part of his development yet.


Yeah you got me there. Sounds pretty stupid lol

Anyway he’s still a spud


Injuries have cruelled him no doubt. I hope you guys are right. Maybe needs a bit of confidence


I don’t think Rance is as classy as the media make him out to be, but that’s just my opinion. Houli isn’t classy imo either, he is hard working though and Deledio is at GWS when not injured. Prestia yeah I would probably accept that one (I really wanted us to get him).

Zerret, Fantasia, JoeDan (when not injured), McGrath, Stringer (if fit and firing), Smith are all classy players imo. Conor isn’t bad when in full flight as well, it’s just his kicking style looks ungainly which can wreck the classy look lol.