Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000




some big recruiting news coming soon. if jackets pulls this off it will be amazing


We soooooo getting fined.


Josh Kelly taking a pay cut to come to Essendon?


What is your definition of soon? If it’s someone from another club we won’t hear til October at best


The old Kelly Hopper double hey, with a side sprinkle of Rockliff.


Hope it’s not Martin. I know he’s a champion player but can’t get over the chopsticks. Worse act than any supplements program.
Btw Dodoro is a legend! Loves the club and loves his boys!


Couldn’t help but think of the recent draft performance on the way home last night. Also got me thinking of some highly touted players who went high in their draft & there’s some I “just don’t see IT”. Two such players last night, Billings & Gresham, I just don’t see them as special players at all. Not just based off last night obviously but it’d be fair to say Billings is just a player & Gresham is handy but goes missing for long periods. Obviously still time for both but when you see the performance of Z Merrett, Fantasia & Parish from our picks in those drafts, we make out like bandits IMO.

P.S. Curious to know what bomberthug is eluding to.


To be fair on Gresham, he was picked two years after most of the guys you listed. Zerrett, Raza and Billngs were 2013. He and Parish were 2015.


It will be announced during the week. Very exciting. Another Dodoro gem

John Worsfold

Another Irishman?


Morgan re-signing for 3 more years?


Tough on Billings. Has had a very good year but was very poor last night. Would still be in the top 10 players from his draft year. Probably needs to step up into a midfield role to take the next step.


Would love him at essendon.

Absolutely loved him that draft year.




@Dell (PEETO) whos the fkg signing?


It has to be either a re-signing or Category B rookie doesn’t it as we aren’t going to announce a trade or FA signing before the off-season.


How can re-signing a player be amazing?

literally no player has given any indication of leaving?


This is what I’m saying.

EDIT: The only thing I could think of would be Dusty announcing he isn’t re-signing with Ninthmond and is coming the Essendon but even then I could imagine all kinds of rule breaking and AFL hysteria accusing us of tampering etc.


get another cricketer like Zac Merrett