Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Is that a torch in the pocket or you get excited pretty easy?



We should go for more Irish. Bring out 1 every couple of years. Get Connor to take them under his wing. Done correctly you turn it into a production line of talent.


It’d have a better strike rate than the 2 empty spots we have on the category B list at the moment, for sure.


Kennelly is already a hated man in Ireland for poaching their best Gaelic players to convert to AFL.


Cooper Cronk?


This thread is now the perfect environment for uninformed, outlandish speculation…so what can I dream up…hmmm…

… we have convinced Chris Yarran to come back to AFL football!


We finally getting Nick Vlastuin?


More McKennas please


How we didn’t pick Witherden with our second pick astounds me. He was a consensus top 10 talent, broke his leg early in the season last year and slid to our second selection. He has already shown how much of a gun he is. His kicking is an absolute weapon. Ridley may well turn out into a good player but Witherden to me would have been a steal for us.


“Ridley has the most upside of anyone in the draft” - some bloke who I can’t remember, probably Jackets though, maybe Twomey and probably not exactly what he said, but close enough

Hindsight is fantastic but I reckon Ridley will turn out to be a great player. Brisbane had a lot of good picks, they could afford a risk or two. Imagine if Witherden did an O’Meara and couldn’t walk without 6 seasons of physiotherapy. Jackets clearly felt the risk wasn’t worth it when Ridley was available with a clear bill of health.


I’ll congratulate or “give props” to dodoro when we have a list capable of winning a final or two.

Until then he ain’t getting no props.


This list is capable.

Whether we do or not is another thing…


I reckon I have heard this sentiment around here for 10 years


What fits this criteria that can be announced this time of the season???

Has the paternity of a top draft prospect unexpectedly been traced to an 100 game EFC player???

Patrick Naish??? (apologies to Chris and Mrs Naish)


Caro has given up on the Tigers and decided to jump on the Bombers bandwagon?


The Bombers next generation academy covering the Tiwi Islands has signed all players named Rioli, Long, Tipungwuti & any player genetically related to a Rioli, Long or Tipungwuti for the next 3 generations. Male & female.

(May or may not be true):wink:


Hell, given the size of the population I just figured we’d sign everyone between the ages of 14 and 18 to the academy as soon as it starts!


Other than the Adelaide and melbourne games, we’ve been within a kick at some point in the last quarter in every single game.
That’s not bad, considering.


Building the list is only half the job and the rest has nothing to do with Dodoro.

Personally, I’m giving him props for navigating through the saga and the draft sanctions that came with it so well.