Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Dodoro’s tinder game is solid


Dodorro got Big Boi with a Dodorro special 2nd round pick.

Oh yeah!


Bewick would have told Dodoro about Begley some credit needs to go to him too.


#10 times agreed.


Hoping Bewick can find us a few more haha.


If we make enough list changes, Bewick gets to pick selection #10.


Jackets and Sheeds at Metricon Saturday Night. Safe to say both meeting some GC players and Managers on the sly you think?


Agreed. AD can’t pick mids with 3rd rounders, struggles with picking mids with 2nd rounders if compared to his peers and with 1st rounders does ok but not great.


Probably making a play for Rischitelli.


I would rather they were seen at Spotless Stadium




hell yes!
injury prone
bleeds red and black
barracked for us as a kid
captain material
$10mUSD/year…hmm maybe not


Tristan Lynch, aka Beaker?




Bringing Malceski out of retirement to replace Kelly.


The perfect HBF


Is it safe to say that this rumour has fizzled out?


coaching movement


Recruited Five All Australian’s. Great job


I wouldn’t rule it out being Austin Bradkte, son of Basketballer Mark Bradkte and Nichole Bradtke (Provis)

I have been hearing in heaps of basketball circles he is thinking of swinging to footy and is getting offers.

If it’s us it’s a good ruckman to develop, he is a good 6’8 and very athletic