Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Would make sense that it might have been held up a couple of months then. If he played football at some point in high school they might just be waiting for the three years to come up. I seem to recall Melbourne had to hold off signing Joel Smith until basically three years and a day since he last was registered in a football program, so it was all locked in well in advance but just waiting for it to become allowed under the rules.


It’s a committee of 3-4, Disco, footy manager, coach, someone else I think?


5 today but 8 overall


Through in Stants, Goddard and Zaha. Yet not one finals win from that group(yet!). Dodorro cops a lot of flack, but he’s done alright.


What about ?


Are we waiting for a cricketer to sign?


That we are out of the race for Dustin Martin


That would be amazing. Hold a press conference to say we’re not getting Martin. Media milling around like “nobody thought you were getting him?” It’d be a good laugh.


This would be a really good get. The bloodlines are there.




Clearly my reading of the tea leaves needs work.


the good news that a few of us posted about I hope, stay tuned…


How long until Sutherland can be signed as cat b? 2 or 3 years out?

We should be working on him on th chance cricket doesn’t work out.


3 years


Can we get a hint at least? Boot was murdered when he did this stuff




James Hird’s son is nominating to play for Essendon?


It has been pleasantly quiet around here recently.

Trust you’re ok 'boot or that jokes probably going to offend people more than the EFC marketing team.


Eddie would already be ahead of us, watch Sutherland get a Stars contract this year


If it’s not Kelly then it’s not ‘multiple jacket worthy’.


Looking forward to the full story. Sounds like congratulations are in order though.