Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000



You must be so proud!

Very exciting!


When the old man rates him a 4/10 then I’d say the family can take what Blitz dishes up.


The anti-vanilla!


Is he a type of Latvian humming bird?
And does he wear pointy shoes?


Got too many of that type already.


Is he a hbf?





S_K, all the best for your young fella. I’m sure you are bursting with pride. As a long time lurker, I’m sure you’re aware that even when criticising the bejeezuz out of players, most posters here only do it out of their passion for the club. I truly look forward to seeing what he can bring to our club, and if he happens to fail, I am sure it will not be from lack of effort on his part.


Have we signed anyone to our next gen program out of Tiwi or West Arnhem yet?


I’m expecting that when the AFLW license is approved there will be about 30 signings.

Lets hope that then allows us to create a stable community down here that the next gen program can also build into.

It could work really well (** I know nothing of the culture **).


This has died down. Must be saving it for next week some time


Apparently Disco was on SEN and said something like, “expect the unexpected” in this years trade period. Anyone hear his interview?



It was much more “we need to be ready” than “watch out for us doing something unexpected”. It was a follow up to him saying he expects trades to be more of contracted than uncontracted players this year. I think on the basis that there’ll be a bunch of contracted players who didn’t get a piece of the 20% payrise.

The quote for those who can’t be bothered listening is:
Radio guy: “Every trade period we seem to get the player that puts their hand up from nowhere to say…”
Jackets: “and that’s what I’m talking about. I think that’ll happen. I think there’ll be more of that. It’s expect the unexpected and be ready for when that player puts his hand up.”


Dodoro laughing at your 2016 draft faves today


So five all Australians, two rising star winners and two small forwards we have been crying out for. I’d say we’re doing ok on the drafting front.


Not so well on the trading front


I’d don’t think it’s been bad, tough circumstances to deal with, had a couple of minor wins in, looneyburger, Stewart and Green. Stewart has the potential to be a cracker of a trade.

I reackon they may turn that around in the 2018 trade period. I’d say watch out on the FA front, reackon we might have a serious crack.


How can you trade when no one wanted to come to Essendon. Common knowledge