Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


I’m expecting something now, so when nothing happens, it will be unexpected!


You’d have to be pretty chuffed if you were Dodoro

Huge pressure with pick1 to get it right.

And it comes up absolutely trumps with McGeath.


Not exactly hard to pick the best kid in the country


Ask Melbourne that question


It challenged quite a few Blitzers.


I think it was pure luck we got McGrath and not that McGeath guy who has quietly disappeared into obscurity.


there was serious external (I mean…I don’t know how much was actually felt, possibly noe, but still) pressure to pick one of two different blokes.


Were you reading Blitz at the time?


We still don’t know whether is the best kid.

Don’t forget Pears was rated better than AA captain and greatest player ever Rance. Players mature at different rates.


According to whom? Rance was picked first.


Yeah, but blitz thought we got the better player after his game on Fevola. Rance was VFL bound for 2 years.


This picture is trying to sell me an apartment off plan.


That picture is trying to sell me a prosthetic chin implant.


Dodoro looks practically naked with only one jacket


Pears was exceptionally promising in his first 2 years.


And if not for injuries might have been at or near the top of the defenders tree.

And Blitz didn’t think we’d necessarily got the better player. We rated Rance.


Pears was a completely different player pre-injury.

If there is one thing Dodoro knows, it’s how to find gun talls.


The irony is if not for injuries and people being swiped, we could almost put another spine up. Based on their early potential, a spine of Carlisle, Pears, Jenkins, Gumby, D. Daniher might have been pretty damn good.


I’m more concerned at our ability to develop the kids than Adrians ability to pick the right names.


Don’t let dodoro off the hook just yet. He nailed 2013 draft with what he had and that buys him some credits. But of our last 5 1st round picks, 2 are guns, jury still out on the other 3