Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Also, when would you replace him? I wouldn’t think now is the time.


A quick google shows me that list managers have been replaced pretty much every stage of the year from mid September to late July. I’m not saying we should get rid of him, my opinions on our recruiting are ambivalent, but if you think he’s not capable of building a premiership list then best deal with it sooner rather than later. Whoever comes in to the role would a) have access to all the information from our existing recruiting team because it’s unlikely that you’d sack them all straight up, and anyway b) presumably be some sort of existing recruiting person and so would have spent all year preparing for the draft.

Better the devil you know doesn’t really apply to football. It’s not better to be consistently in the middle of the table than it is to be consistently on the bottom, both are equally failures. Maybe bringing in a new list manager late in the year damages our output this draft, maybe whoever we bring in is just worse and has to get replaced in a few years. But if you think list management is substantially to blame for our problems, then the risk of being below average instead of average is really no risk at all when being average is a failure.


So just for clarification, is Dodoro some sort of loose cannon that recruits whoever he likes or is he part of a larger team whose recruiting strategy has, apparently, been the worst in the competition for 15 years?


I know yesterday sucked, I know our midfield hasn’t been up to it this year, I know we’ve been crap for 15 years.

But seriously, after the shitstorm this club has been through over the past 4 years, what is a fair and reasonable performance standard to expect?

The headwinds we’ve been up against. We lost 3 early picks. We lost an AA, hbf, chb and ruck for peanuts. The replacement picks are still developing so weren’t reasonably going to be best 22 this year. The saga derailed the development of a bunch of young guys who may have performed this year. The bans shattered the form of many of the returning players. And to cap it off, we couldn’t trade for a quality player due to the stigma of the saga.

To get to the end of that and still make finals is a farking miracle.

We have lost a huge amount of trade currency in the past few years, but we have a solid core of young talent. It was the young guys that were the brightest lights yesterday. Our youth will only become stronger next year.

If we still suck in 2019, then heads can roll. Till then, have expectations grounded in reality.


The latter. But he seems to the the constant in that time. Also, he would be letting the coaching staff know what on offer in the upcoming draft so he might very well say “not many good mids, plenty of good guys who can play defence and move into the midfield”. However if he isn’t good at identifying midfielders or is trying to hedge his bets with HBF/mid then the coaches will take his word for it


Ok gotcha. Seems this trade/draft period is do or die then.


In 13 years since our last finals win, dodoro still hasn’t build a good midfield. Even the sh*t sides like freo, Brisbane, Carlton have quite good midfielders

If it’s been 13 years without a finals win, I consider that, as dodoro has failed. He’s the one who recruits/trades and is easntially in charge of building us a team to play finals and win them




A loose cannon who is a stickler for the rules, listens to no one yet is the ultimate team man. He’ll trade and pick whoever he wants except when he is told not to. The man, the myth, the legend Adrian Dodoro.


Some know him as…Keyser Soze…


We were into oliver balls deep


This is Dodoro’s time of year.

Hold onto your genitals, we are going to see some magic like jackets with stars.


Now is not the time for a replacement. You replace recruiters / list managers after the draft not before it.

If we had our current list plus Ryder, Carlisle Crameri and no cancellation of draft picks the list would be looking pretty good.

Dodoro is the list manager. Merv Keane is the Recruiting Manager and they are a package deal. The real issue to be addressed is player development.

Jumping at shadows after a finals loss doesn’t help anyone.


People are tired of not winning a final for 13 years not just losing 1 elimination final.

1 Dodoro for 13 years and 0 Finals wins in that time is pretty damning.


Wasn’t his goldern era going to be 2011-2014 when we would see the fruits of his labour?
Well we ■■■■■■ that up for him didn’t we.


Our recruiting team just delivered McGrath, Ridley, Begley, Mutch and Draper in one draft. Kelly isn’t going to talk up Mutch if he didn’t believe it (and he should know) and Ridley and Draper are obvious talents we can develop. At this stage the recruiting team can only be judged as having done tremendously well in the 2016 draft identifying 5 players who should have long AFL careers.
Give them more resources if you want and widen the net but you don’t sack the team after coming top of the class.


I reckon in 2015 people were saying “They just delivered langford and Laverde” etc etc



10 years ago we said we delivered Dyson, pears etc. honestly, nothing changes. Ever.


You can’t use players that haven’t played AFL get as a reason for recruiters smashing a draft or 2


It’s not 100% on Dodorro. We are very conservative as a club.

We won’t tank
We don’t trade out players

Most premiership clubs have built lists through aggressive trading and securing as many top picks as possible. Yes Dodorro has failed to build a premiership side. But no one has through just taking a single first and second each year and that’s not Dodorros sole decision to make.