Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


youve missed a few names for us.

brown (since you included hartley, even though both were drafted)


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To be fair… based on the the call for ‘big fish’ only Betts and Prestia were arguably in that category at the time. But when are we fair.


I was only looking at players who played in our last game vs players who played in Richmond’s and Adelaide’s last games.


I do find it interesting that we’ve never (my memory is not great, so I’m happy to be corrected if necessary) traded our first round pick.
I wonder how many other clubs haven’t.


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Don’t, I don’t need pity from someone clearly more deranged.


Looking throught it, every other team has traded their assigned first round pick since 2014. We haven’t done it since at least 1997 (I got bored and stopped there)

Most recent “natural” first round pick trade
adelaide - 2014
brisbane - 2016
bulldogs - 2015
carlton - 2014
collingwood - 2016
fremantle - 2016
geelong - 2017
gold coast - 2015
gws - 2015
hawthorn - 2017
melbourne - 2015
north - 2015
port - 2017
richmond - 2016
saints - 2016
sydney - 2016
west coast - 2015


Well that says something.
I’m not sure what it says, but…y’know, something…


I especially regret not doing the deals for Anderson and Redden…


One thing both Jbomber and I agree with is that EFC hasn’t been great at the “value” trades (unless they’re old and good for one year). Especially huge win ones. Hopefully Stewart is the start of changing that trend. But on some of who you’ve mentioned:


  • B Crouch: really just equivalent to getting pick #2 as part of losing Davis. Not hugely different to us getting #5 for Carlisle.
  • Jacobs/Jenkins/Lynch/Brown: all cheap trades with great upside. Essendon need more of these types of trades, hopefully Stewart is one.
  • Betts: how is he different to Goddard?
  • Seedsman: good mid-priced trade for a mid-cost. No current EFC equivalent.

We do have Dea, McKernan, Leunberger and Green as fringe 22 players as well.


  • Nankervis/Townsend/Grigg/Houli: low cost trades, with decent to great outcomes.
  • Prestia: paid a lot for a decent player.
  • Caddy: mid-priced decent player

Neither side has been aggressive traders. Richmond did one major trade for with pick #6. Adelaide upgraded the Davis compo with a first round pick for Brown and #2. That is the extent of their major trades. Everything else has been mid-priced or cheapie trades or FA.


It only takes one trade for us to be on that list obviously (and seems somewhat likely to happen), and those trades aren’t all the same (some are pick upgrades, some are pick downgrades, some are player trades, some are pick and player trades), so it’s not as if there’s one philosophy and we’re the only ones not doing it.

I’d say though that it does at least suggest that our approach to the trade period is unusual.


No Team would sue AFL for Restraint of Trade, as when it comes to players the Team and AFL are the same body.

Players could over the draft, the rules have been challenged before when a player was refused a clearance to play for another Club and he won, so the AFL would be nervous. Many Employment Lawyers reckon the AFL would be in serious trouble if challenged over draft and the contract boys ( and often their Parents) sign to enter the draft.


We would also be one of the few teams to never get anything like a pick upgrade from the points system, lots of other clubs have used that to their advantage for sure. Guess that must fall in the hard to deal with basket. This thread fascinates me as really when you go back our drafting can be argued either way it seems, maybe the recent drafts will decide Dodoro’s fate though, if we get nothing from Lav, Lang and Francis… but the trading is a big difference.


Oh, I agree it is an interesting stat. I’m just not sure what it means either.


By points difference do you mean F/S? Or something else?


One thing I was thinking while watching Adelaide, in light of Jbomber and my discussion on failed picks vis-a-vis development. When we convinced Edwards to join us, his other suitor was Adelaide. He then got picked up by Sydney after us. Two of the best (if not the best) recruiting teams.

Does anyone else wonder if Edwards had chosen Adelaide he might be running out on the G next Saturday and be considered a good AFL footballer like Knights, Greenwood etc?

We’ll never know of course, just a thought exercise.