Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


It seems like adelaide do a very good job at tapping into someones mental drive. whether shaunye had that? i don’t think so.


For all this talk about drafting both Richmond and Adelaide were nowhere until recent times.

What people fail to recognise is the importance of finding a gameplan that works well with the cattle you have and one that can stand up in finals.

Adelaide has had the players on their list for quite a while but the biggest factor in the way they have performed this year is Don Pyke.

Obviously Richmond has simplified their gameplan also and it has been a lot easier for the players to buy in.

In that regard I think we are on the right path. We have some great top end attacking talent so we need to see through the direction we are going.


If those two teams aren’t aggressive traders, then they must be average.
And we must be sub standard.


Since 2012 we’ve traded/FA brought in Goddard, Giles, Edwards, Aylett, Gwilt, Chapman, Cooney, Dea, Kelly, Stewart, Leunberger, and Green. On the flip side going out we’ve also traded out Jenkins, Crameri, Giles, Gumbleton, Carlisle, Ryder, Melksham and Hibberd. If the definition of an aggressive trade is quantity, then we’re right up there.

My definition of “aggressive trader” would be one making a lot more trades than that OR using lots of significant draft currency to do so. I wouldn’t count players leaving unless the club initiates the trade (otherwise Brisbane would be aggressive traders :laughing:). I wouldn’t consider us aggressive traders.

Hawthorn and Geelong would be the two clear big ones. Port possibly, although not as much the last few years. Melbourne probably as well.


We did trade ‘a’ first round pick in 2009, but it wasn’t our first pick. (The Lovett pick.)


Yeah, we used the Caracella first round pick in the Heffernan trade too I believe.


Wait, what?

I thought we got Cupido for Caracella? And we used a first rounder to get Heffernen back?

I need to look up those trades.


Don’t forget richmond traded a first rounder for Chris yarran. Win some, lose some I guess.


We got 15 + Cupido for Caracella, then traded Heffernan + 15 to Melbourne for 10.
At least according to


Of course, they were the same year. Derr.

15 + Cupido isn’t a bad trade for Caracella.

And pick 10 hey? That might have been Jason Laycock.


McPhee was also in there.

Remember, we had picks 12 & 13 before Carlton lost their first two picks due to draft penalties.


You know what,… I think a bigger factor is another Coach altogether, … in Phil Walsh.

I said way back at the start of the season that Adelaide would make the GF and win it on the basis of that motivation alone.

You couldn’t have a much stronger drive within a bunch of blokes than that.


It would certainly be a contributing factor.


I’d say the biggest contributor to their current success was the game plan devised by phil walsh. pyke’s expanded upon it. both are/were good coaches


Gotta hand it to Ricciuto who finds coaches who fly under the radar - Well done !


According to Sloan, the game plan is all Pyke’s.


The only certainty in this trade period is Disco putting in low-ball offers, overrating our own, and waiting till the last hour before making a firm offer on anyone. It’s been a terrible strategy over a 15 year period, but we are Essendon and that’s how we do things at Windy Hill.


Who exactly has Essendon “low balled” in previous trade seasons?


I was staggered by Taylor Walker being named Captain.

Looking back it was a very bold, inspired move and may be a huge factor in why they are playing this weekend.

Walker carries himself very well.


Sounds like you must’ve been there. Why didn’t you advise him to do it differently?