Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Well according to Barret on Footy Classified we won’t be offering pick 11 for Stringer is he comes to us I would call that low balling.

If we want Stringer badly we would be putting pick 11 on table and get the trade done on the first day.


Obviously after he cut his hair.


Josh Jenkins
Tom Lynch
Name 3


We got nothing for Houli I revall
He walked out

Pick 47 for Monfries
And no one for the guy that went to Freo our


Like Barrett would know.


Apparently we are offering a second rounder for Stringer (pick 29). We’ve got a long history of making low ball offers.


I hope the prick is wrong.


You got me. I’m to blame for our ■■■■■ trading over Disco’s tenure.


I think they key words there are Barret and footy classified, they would know about as much as most of us.


Isnt Barrett still banned from coming to the TVSC? Doubt anyone would talk to him first hand if thats the case


No different to what the Bulldogs offered us for Crameri. Differences are:

  1. We wanted Crameri to stay, Bulldogs want Stringer out,
  2. Crameri came off a really good year of football; Stringer has had a poor year and has “issues”.
  3. Crameri was 2-3 years older then than Stringer is now.

I can see us getting a third club involved - get another player for pick 11 and late first round pick in return. Use the late first round then on Stringer.


There are a few differences; Stringer has played at a much higher level (AA), has far more upside and is younger than Crameri. Stringer is really a significantly greater talent. We are also (if rumour can be believed) willing to pay Stringer approx a further 200k a year more than the Bulldogs were willing to pay Crameri. He is worth pick 11 everyday of the week. We were taken advantage of by a number of teams during the saga and I understand the desire to low ball and ‘win’ trades but the best teams don’t bother, they identify the player, pay fair value and move on. It’s the reason why the likes of Connors would prefer to deal with Geelong than us. The difficult to deal with tag doesn’t serve us. Seriously if Stringer elects to come to us and we can’t get that deal done then Dodoro should be moved on.


Agreed. If we pay pick #11 that is already a low cost for someone with Stringer’s upside. Its not dissimilar to what WCE paid for Redden, Carlton for McLean, or what Lovett, T. Johnstone, etc. went for.




Fox footy.


If true then back to the sack Dodoro thread. I understand if pick 11 is gone because of a big fish we have on the hook, and we then package 29 with something else. But as it stands that would be disappointing and justify the Essendon are hard to deal with tag. Assuming Fox is correct…and they’re probably not.
To me 11 might be slightly overs but its pretty damn close.


But 29 more represents a nice “Fk you, it’s perfectly in line with the Crameri reaming you gave us” stance.


Now that you put it that way, pick 29 sounds very reasonable.


I think we just deal and get on with it.
Hopefully it all means 11 has been promised elsewhere to a whale.


We would want to have something pretty damn good to do with pick 11 to be playing games like that.