Adrian Dodoro - Flankers into Mids since 2000


Yep. So for both those reasons I like it.

Also, if true, it likely means Stringer WANTS to come to us as was 1st reported, (Dodoro et al have been talking to him for 18 months etc) and we feel solid and comfortable to say 29, … and maybe a sweetener, (pick swap or such)



Does anyone really think we have told the Doggies squat on price yet? Why on earth would we show them our hand now, when he might not even choose us? It would be one thing for two clubs who know the player is moving to be agreeing prices now, but for any clubs where that is still up in the air what would be the advantages?

I suspect just journalists spit-balling again.


There is nothing wrong with starting the negotiations at #29. I’m sure doggies are starting at #11 + a young player.
But then if both clubs want it to happen quickly they’ll agree on #11 + #31 back to us; or + exchange of 2nd & 3rd round picks with the dogs.
It is meant to be a negotiation.


I think that would be a fair outcome for both parties.


I would do what I could to seal the deal in all but contract with the player, and then be in the position of power opening trade day. I would have thought that would be a fairly obvious way to handle it.


If the player nominates you, I’ve no problem opening discussions with the Doggies. But surely you wouldn’t tell them what you’d trade before then?


You’d be a fool unless it was necessary to progress further.



So the journalist is most likely full of it. :grimacing:


Noooo. Never. image


Fox sports is like Fox news- both full of ■■■■. Calm down.


People actually listen to Barrett and then use that to attack the club as though it is fact?

Wow who would have thought that on Blitz.

Any chance to attack the club is a good chance.


In my wog experience we tend to throw out outrageous negotiations initially to see if we snag a bite. Then eventually move to a more sensible ground. Though having said that my nanna would offer pick 29 then threaten the evil eye if not accepted.


Pee in the Lemoncello?


Maybe we dont want him badly and maybe for very good reason. Maybe he is not worth the risk at pick 11, we dont know the full story so people on here should stop the if we are not going to use pick 11 we are not serious BS.


The bloke has enough credits in the bank to justify using pick 11. The bloke is a AA/premiership player ffs.


Signs and wonders.


I agree with IT. ATTACK!!!


Wait…did I miss one?


LOL nah, i was just having some fun with him